Monday, May 02, 2005

Our Rainbow Nation (Again)

Kurds v Turks in Bristol.

Honour killing in Southall (handy hint - find a young person to do the deed. A 16-year old will get a much lighter sentence - indeed, if the Children's Society get their way, no sentence at all).

"One neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "They wanted her to marry a boy in Pakistan-but she did not want to do it. At 10.45am she went home and by 11.10am she was dead.

"We saw a man who had blood all over his shirt. He was in the front garden. There was blood on the front door."

Police arrested four people - two women, a man and a teenager. The two women and man were later released on police bail. "

The Afro-Caribbean community celebrate the Bank Holiday in traditional style.

"We were called at approximately 10.59pm on Saturday to reports of a shooting in Buller Road, Wood Green,'' a spokesman said. ''The victim, a man aged 22 from the Wood Green area, was taken by ambulance to North Middlesex Hospital in Edmonton. He was pronounced dead shortly after arrival. It is believed that the victim was in a small silver car when he was surrounded by a group of around five or six black youths.

''The victim was shot and the group of suspects were seen to run away from Bullers Road, towards Redvers Road."

And the Native Brits make their own unique contribution to the fabric of society, with an assault of the sort Polly Toynbee considers was frequent in the past.

A Chinese shopkeeper has been murdered by a gang of more than 20 teenagers, armed with a spade, wooden planks, a tree branch and metal pipes.

The gang, which has plagued the local community with antisocial behaviour in Wigan, Greater Manchester, set upon Mi Gao Huangchen, 41, after he emerged from his Chinese takeaway to investigate damage to a car at 11.30pm eight days ago.

After an altercation with the youths, Mr Huangchen was submitted to a "horrific and frenzied" attack which lasted up to 15 minutes, Greater Manchester Police said. He suffered head injuries and was left in a coma as doctors fought to save his life. He died in Hope Hospital, Salford, on Thursday night, without regaining consciousness.

Mr Huangchen is understood to have come to the UK years ago to improve his prospects.

The good news is that, once again, most of the assailants being under eighteen, the Children's Society will be arguing that they should not be imprisoned. After all, they only beat an innocent man to death. If they get sent to prison they might become criminals. Heaven forbid.

Alas no data is available on the cheeky chappies who beat a man to death off Leicester Square an another good old-fashioned Toynbee-esque 'drunken riot'.

I like to think they were a crowd as diverse as the great metropolis itself.

UPDATE - they appear to hve been of Asian heritage.

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