Monday, May 02, 2005

How Will This ...

The impending Galloway divorce - from a Muslim at that - play with the faithful ? We shall see.

This election is the first where we see the Muslim vote becoming decoupled from Labour - a trend which can only continue. I've noted before that the pro-immigration Left are importing millions of Theodore Dalrymples into the UK - people whose views on family life, abortion, sex education, divorce, pornography and the privileging of homosexuality are 180% in opposition to the instincts of the UK left. There is some truth in the Muslim criticism that Labour have taken the Muslim vote for granted. As the Muslim population with its high birth rate grows, there's no reason why we shouldn't see explicitly Islamic candidates winning in the future in places like Leicester. In the long term a divorce is inevitable, in which case Labour may regret all those years spent ignoring the despised white working class.

Out in blogland Dumb Jon is on good form.

On the media fuss over Lord Goldsmith, exemplified by Ros Taylor's Guardian piece :

Iraq is the perfect barometer for the media/human divide. Are we really supposed to believe that there are people out there who didn’t know Blair was a lying scumbag ? Really, how can the media deny that they have utter contempt for the public ? Do they think we’re all morons ?

On the aftermath of a possible Tory defeat :

"We’ll be told that certain lightweight imbeciles are potential PMs for no better reason that their supposed electability – which, in practice means nothing more than their ability to garner fawning profiles for their courage in parroting the media line on the issue d’jour. "

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