Saturday, February 05, 2005

Different Worlds

"I've never had any experience of being on benefits, or ever known anyone who has."

Says new blogger Lacessitor. In some parts of Britain the converse would apply. (And you do know someone now, if only in cyberspace - I spent a taxpayer-funded year drinking cheap cider and leading a life wth all the good parts of the student existence but none of the less positive stuff like revision or exams. Mea culpa. But I didn't steal.)

Also added to the sidebar are PseudoMagazine (an eclectic set of links there, from Indymedia to Chrenkoff) and well-read cleverclogs Stumbling and Mumbling, who reckons he did his A-levels with the cleverest clog of them all. You're not telling me Oliver Kamm went to a State school ?

Typical quote "whom would you rather have a drink with – him (Robert Nozick), Rand or Hayek?". At that point, having read none of the three, I hoist the intellectual white flag.

But has he read 'The Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse', Ursula Moray Williams tale of the poor toymaker, with its charming illustrations by Peggy Fortnum, who illustrated the original Paddington Bear ?

The Little Wooden Horse has won the race for the Princess

Currently bedtime reading for my darling.

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BunBun4life said...

Did you hear the loonies in England who are dictating what books should and WILL NOT be in school libraries have stated that Padding Bear books gotta go.

I THINK they were considered sexist. Can't remember. I'm too busy focusing on this book that was pulled for being both sexist and racist.

There was a wild horse that was mean and nobody could tame it. This little girl liked it and tried many things. Finally she started bringing him sugar and he liked it and then they were friends and he stopped being mean. (synopsis of book) The horse was BLACK and why does some wild mean thing have to be BLACK and how come the girl could only 'tame' the african american horse with SUGAR, why couldn't she have been like a strong rodeo rider, because being weak and feeding a horse sugar is SEXIST.

Of course a black woman on the 'team' is the one who said the book should be pulled, and probably an african immigrant as well.

ENGLAND is totally fucking screwed.

Books allowed? Susie has 2 dads. Also they want to start teaching kids as young as 5 about masturbation IN SCHOOLS.

My grand-da was from England and I watched the shows and heard the tales, and it felt like a home I'd never seen. Now I will never set foot there.