Friday, November 12, 2004

Identity Theft

In the mailbox this morn - one from Nick Cohen. Strange, I thought - haven't written to him lately. Anyway, he doesn't write back to racists. What's he after ? The truth about the "is David Aaronovitch Lynda Lee-Potter's love-child ?" rumours ?

The title's funny too. "Hi". What ? Nick Cohen ? Chris Bryant I could believe, but a Cohen missive is surely more likely to start "Re: your disgraceful piece on asylum".

Open. Well strike a light., you have been used for spamming purposes.

"Hi! I am looking for new friends.

My name is Jane, I am from Miami, FL.

See my homepage with my weblog and last webcam photos!

See you! "

I told you it sounded like Chris Bryant.

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