Friday, November 19, 2004

Guardian in "non-Caucasian racist" Shock Horror

A new era in British newspaper reporting began today, as the Guardian newspaper broke with a long tradition and accepted that a white person could be the victim of a racist attack.

"We understand some of our old-established readers may be upset by this editorial decision", said a spokesperson, "And as a sop to them we have thrown into the story a couple of paragraphs about the BNP. But we are living in a multicultural society, and we have to accept that on occasions innocent Native Brits will, tragically, pay the ultimate price for a thousand years of colonialist and imperialist aggression - maybe even through no fault of their own.".

Askled why the Guardian story had not mentioned the decision by local police six months before the murder to abandon Operation Gadher (a clampdown on local Asian street gangs) for reasons of political correctness, the spokesperson claimed there was a shortage of space in that day's paper.

"We are putting aside most of the paper for Part One of the special Mubarek Enquiry supplement, which builds up week by week into a complete guide to our racist Criminal Justice System", she said. "Now that's what I call a racist murder."

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