Sunday, November 14, 2004

Dutch Intelligence Mole "Hid Messages In Photos"

Well I can't spot the hidden messages in this.

But according to Der Telegraaf the Islamist mole inside the Dutch secret service (AIVD) used the photos on a travel agency's website to hide information being passed to terrorists.

"The AIVD mole, suspected of passing state secrets to terrorists, was behind a Internet site containing hidden messages.

Outmar Ben A. (34) managed from his home address the site. Research reveals that some photographs on the Internet site contain secret communications.

It has been long known that terrorists exchange information by means of Internet sites, using the technique called steganography."

The website's currently blank, but the Wayback machine has about 50 archived pages. Good hunting !

The Sunday Times has more on the mole. It appears Theo van Gogh's alleged killer may have been tipped off. He'd been under surveillance for two years, and the surveillance was lifted two weeks before the murder.

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