Saturday, October 18, 2003

The Timeless Wisdom of Richard Littlejohn

On Michael Portillo. There are an awful lot of careerists in politics who trim their sails to the prevailing wind (90% of the Labour Cabinet to start with), but few who are as open and dramatic about it as the one-time darling of the hard-faced Thatcherite right, now reborn as sensitive bisexual liberal. I've gone more the other way myself ...

"Following the success of his week as a single mum, TV chiefs have come up with a new format for Michael Portillo.
They want him to spend a week as a normal backbench MP, living on his official salary, dealing with mundane constituency problems, attending debates in the Commons, going through the division lobbies and speaking in support of his party leader.

Unfortunately, no one thinks he could cope with the role.

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