Sunday, October 12, 2003

Radio 4 is heading downmarket fast....

Lead by Eddie Mair and Dan Damon, who moved from Radio 5’s ‘Sunday Service’ to PM and Broadcasting House respectively. Mair is essentially a R5 presenter and always will be, a less hideous Nicky Campbell, while Damon’s Broadcasting House seems to be simply a transplant of Sunday Service. I’ve just listened to a studio discussion on who may become the new Dr. Who. Will it be Eddie Izzard ? Perhaps Alun Davies or Bill Nighy - maybe Derek Jacobi - for heaven’s sake - this is Radio Four !

Thank God for Andrew Rawnsley - he may be another public school socialist a la “Andy” Marr but I think it unlikely that I’ll tune in tonight to hear ‘Oasis - when exactly did they lose it ?’.

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