Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Forget High Crime Rates - What About Stressed Lawyers ?

The Independent on the duties of a Director of Public Prosecutions.

The article responds to criticism of old Blair chum Ken Macdonald's appointment coming from - among others - Michael Howard, the Mail, and the Telegraph.

Some are concerned about his dope-posting past (is the Sunday Times photo of his Oxford class available on the Web ?), others by his career defending various terrorists and murderers, others by the fact that he's never conducted a prosecution in his life.

But the Indie knows whats important. Never mind 15 million crimes a year (BCS figures) - what about the poor lawyers, struggling under the twin burdens of stress and racism ?

"The past few years have shown that the job of DPP is one of the toughest in public service. Macdonald will not only have to contend with criticism for the handling of thousands of cases each year but also for the conduct and well-being of all his staff.

An independent investigation recently found the CPS to be institutionally racist, while an internal report has shown that a high number of lawyers have suffered from stress. These are the real issues facing the DPP - and the ones on which he will be judged."

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