Sunday, August 31, 2003

Daily Mail Watch

Was it au currant or Natalie Solent who blogged recently abut DM-abuse coming from the usual suspects ?

Here's two examples from today .....

one from Moan Smith in the Indie (surprise) ...

"... Daily Mail, which would no doubt be mortified to learn that somewhere on the planet a woman has managed to be rich, famous, single, successful and happy."

and one from Carol Sarler in an otherwise top-notch, spiked-style Observer piece. Probably wouldn't have been published without it, as it attacks the counselling culture beloved of Guardianistas. "Come on, Carol - think of your audience. Can't you just sex it up a little ? Tell you what - how about a go at the Daily Mail - that always gets the juices flowing ?"

"How about this, then ?"

"an abandoned young mother, eking out meagre benefit payments, alone with two small children at the very top of an inner-city high rise, able to descend in the urine-fragranced lift only on the alternate Wednesdays when it actually works, and all the while knowing that the Daily Mail lurks to scream its particular abuse at her when she fails to cope."

"Love it."

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