Saturday, January 05, 2013

Benefits Rise By 1%, Food Prices Rise By 5% ?

Laban, last week at CiF:

"It was a bad wheat harvest in the West (although I'm told East Anglia did better then usual - they reckon they don't normally get enough rain there) but it'll be worse in 2013. None of the fields have been sown round my way - can't get tractors on the fields. Usually by now wheat would be sprouting.

Dairy and beef farmers have had to keep their beasts indoors since October and it's costing them a fortune in feed.

Food's going to be more expensive."

Telegraph, yesterday :

"The price of basic food items could rise by as much as five per cent this year because of miserable weather last autumn, the managing director of Waitrose has warned. Mark Price said food price inflation is already hovering at three to three and a half per cent, but this is just "the tip of the iceberg" and prices could increase even more dramatically over the coming months.

Produce such as bread and vegetables will become up to five per cent more expensive because of poor crop yields leading to a shortage of supply, he warned.

Many farmers are reporting that they still have not planted crops for 2013 because of the torrential rainfall which caused flooding across parts of Britain late last year. "


JuliaM said...

Just as, with the expert timing for which he's famous, Labour's Andy Burnham declares war on breakfast cereal!

Anonymous said...

I grew up in a small farming village in wiltshire and throughout my whole life I have never heard a farmer admit to a "good harvest". It is in the nature of the business to announce to the press that the harvest is once again bad and that prices must rise. Fortunately the possibility of importing these same food products from neighbouring countries at least keeps some sort of lid on UK farmer's desire to see sky-high food prices.

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