Saturday, September 01, 2012

Reality vs Blank Slate Theory - Lego Edition

"The debut of Lego Friends, featuring a more prominent use of pink than your typical Lego fan would be used to, drew criticism that it would reinforce gender stereotypes. As well as the usual trucks, policemen and rugged houses, the line now includes Stephanie's cool convertible in distinctive pink and purple, and Mia's Puppy House, accessorised with flowers and full pet grooming kit."

And .... ??

The world-famous plastic brick maker said net profit rose 35% to 2bn kroner (£213m) in the first six months of 2012, from 1.48bn kroner for the same period last year. Sales rose 24% to Kr9.1bn, spurred by the success of the Lego Friends line, which was launched in January in an attempt to expand the company's appeal beyond boys. It has been a runaway hit, selling twice as many sets as expected.

"It has been amazing to experience the enthusiastic welcome that consumers have given the new range," said the Lego chief executive, Jørgen Vig Knudstorp. "Sales have been quite astonishing."

What's amusing is that Blank Slaters tend to be militant atheistic types, priding themselves on following reason and science - unless the science tells them things they don't want to hear. In a sense, a Christian should be in awe of such a faith as theirs, utterly unbuttressed by reality. It's a real triumph of the will.


Anonymous said...

Oh but girls don't like building games owing to their passive nature, hurr burr.

joe90 said...

No reason to think that Blank Slaters are any more or less atheistic than those seeing human behaviour through a Darwinian lens.

For every Gould or Lewontin there's a Pinker or a Geoff Miller.

Anonymous said...

Im old enough to remember when Lego didnt make brown and green bricks (camo) or anything warlike. Thats gone right out the window now on several fronts.

(Of course as a wee lad I still built warships/tanks/spaceships they just had to be red, white, yellow)

So theyve merely retreated on the feminine front just as they had on the masculine one.

laustan said...

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