Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Safe Haven ?

This blog, last summer :

I was reading just the other day about how Central London property prices are soaring as homes in the capital's richest areas are increasingly seen as a 'safe haven' for capital.

Now the financial centres and the central luxury belt are full of rich people who can buy their way out of a lot of London's nastinesses - the schools, public transport. But as the safer areas become fewer, they'll start to feel increasingly like islands of wealth marooned in a resentful and lawless sea.

Telegraph :

Gangs of homeless Romanian beggars sleeping rough are turning one of London's most expensive streets into a 'disgusting health and safety hazard', it was claimed today. The group of around 50 beggars set up camp on the grassy central reservation of Park Lane after being moved on from nearby Marble Arch several days ago.

Local workers say the group, aged between 30 and 60, spend the afternoons gambling and drinking at the edge of Mayfair. One end of the central reservation, opposite an exclusive Aston Martin dealership, has been turned into a rubbish dump. Empty beer bottles, cigarette packets, half eaten food and clothes littered the grassy area, just a stone's throw from London's most exclusive homes and hotels.

A Westminster City Council spokesperson added: "Groups of homeless people have been moving around the area. They have slightly dispersed from Marble Arch. There is continued dialogue going on with outreach teams to try and get them to move on. They try to suggest that they return home and ask them what they are doing and how they are earning money. It is an ongoing issue and one which we think will require various strategies to tackle, including talking with the groups directly and monitoring chartered coaches arriving in London from Romania."

Now a protected group making the lives of ordinary Brits an utter misery over years is one thing for our rulers. Who cares about people who choose to live in Essex, for God's sake ?

But inconvenience and unpleasant vistas for the very rich (and very rich tourists) is something quite different. After all, it might affect the image of London as a financial centre and a welcoming haven for the world's wealthiest people. So I imagine the authorities will find ways and means - where there's a will, and all that. Nonetheless, it's a straw that shows the way the wind blows.      


JuliaM said...

"There is continued dialogue going on with outreach teams ..."

I can haz English translation, plz?

Sgt Troy 11th Dragoons said...

"It is an ongoing issue and one which we think will require various strategies to tackle, including talking with the groups directly and monitoring chartered coaches arriving in London from Romania."

Ethelred the Unraede tried similar appeasing "strategies."

When these fail presumably our lovely handwringers will try to decant these enriching gypsies to run down council estates; that would finally finish off the WWC, so that would be the achievement of a long held policy objective.

Sadly however given the apparent failure to relocate Olympic "refugees" from bursting at the seams Newham to Stoke it looks like there may be disappointment in store here.

Blair has a great deal of space

"The family's expanding portfolio now totals seven homes, including four in central London.
The latest addition is a four-storey, Grade II-listed town house just a few streets away from the Blairs' £3.7 million Connaught Square mansion."


Forcible billeting on him could be the start of a payback process which would end with suitable ignominy at Tyburn Tree.

Furor Teutonicus said...
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Steve Finnell said...

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Sgt Troy 11th Dragoons said...

Another element Gildas saw as being crucial was the major influx of newcomers from the continent - Angles, Saxons and Jutes who had already been employed in the country as security guards, mercenaries, field workers and street cleaners.

These people now took advantage of the lack of central order to create small regional sub-Roman kingdoms in eastern Britain. Only ever a minority, nonetheless they would have a tremendous effect on our culture as they were the ancestors of the English and most of us in Britain speak their language today.


Historical context

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX These people now took advantage of the lack of central order to create small regional sub-Roman kingdoms in eastern Britain. XX

The difference being, the cultures of the two were virtually indistinguishable. Not like today, wherebye we (I speak of the whole of Europe) are being flooded by people that bear NO resembelence to the indigenou inhabitants.

Be they Roman (A greater part of who's army were Germanic any way), Geats, Goths, Herulii, even to a great extent, Slavs, or any one of possibly HUNDREDS of others, the religion, for a start, except for names of various Gods/concepts, was interchangable.

The attitude to tribal laws. Even to a great extent the ACTUAL laws, were the same.

To compare the Roman/Wiking/Keltic, whatever, invasion of Britain, with what is happening today, is comparing chalk and cheese.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Gangs of homeless Romanian beggars sleeping rough XX

Na. An observation from Berlin. "Gypsies", "Romanians", call them what you will, but THEY describe themselves as "Roma" also, "Gypsies".

What I have come accross more and more in the last four years or so, is that they ask if you speak English. and EVERY one of them has a Birmingham, or Manchester/Lancashire accent, like the proverbial "taxi driver" from those places.

Now, either, there are a LOAD of English teachers who have decamped from Britain to Romania, OR something....odd is going on.

Anonymous said...

The use of 'Romanian' infuriates me.

Thats an immediate red flag - i.e. they are not talking about Romanians they are talking about Roma. Another MSM option is to refer to 'East Europeans'. In context with certain criminal goings on you know that also means Roma.

Sgt Troy 11th Dragoons said...

"The use of 'Romanian' infuriates me."

Same as the use of "Asian" in grooming gangs,

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Anonymous said...

The use of 'Romanian' infuriates me. XX

Here, they say they are from Romania, so, ROMANIANS, AND that they are "ROMA", you don't like it sort it out with them.

THEY should know what they wish to be called.

Durotrigan said...

I agree with all of the above with respect to the habitual disgusting tendency of our media to slander Romanians when they should in fact be referring to Roma. The latter are readily identifiable in an instant, and in whichever country I've had the misfortune to encounter them, they have displayed the same hostility and contempt towards their host nation. Criminality would seem to be the natural way of life for a considerable proportion of Roma.

It strikes me that Roma parents deliberately bring up their children to fail educationally so as to ensure that they remain controllable and forever trapped in their demi-criminal tribal culture, dignified and protected in Europe today by the designated status of 'minority group'.

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