Thursday, July 07, 2011

Imaginative Judge

David Wood, sitting at Newcastle Crown Court, on the conviction of two men for selling the stolen Sunderland war memorial plaque, which commemorates Sunderland’s Second World War victims who died when the city was bombed, to a scrap merchant.

"I imagine you both are thoroughly ashamed of what you have done."

He's wasted as a judge. With a vivid imagination like that, he should be a sci-fi writer - or a defence solicitor.

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Sgt Troy 11th Dragoons said...

"tomtopper wrote:
I can't understand the outrage to this..?

I mean this is what people want, this is what they've voted for all these years.. goverments soft on crime and soft on the causes of crime..

Mention support for the death sentence and brutal penal reform and your villified by the eu loving, human rights loving, champagne socialists... & people still lovingly vote for them.. Welcome to submissive, bog standard britain..."

It's true

The whole shitty deal, it rests on those millions of votes