Monday, February 21, 2011

From Know-Nothing To Know-Everything In Two Years

It's cognitive dissonance time again.

"Lib Dems: raise age of criminalisation to 14"

After all, there's no way that a thirteen year old can know whether something is wrong or not, is there?

"Nick Clegg: Yes I am a big supporter of votes at 16. The state can ask a 16 year old to fight and die for this country*, why not vote too?"

After all, there's no way that a sixteen year old isn't mature enough to take decisions on who should govern, is there ?

This leaves just a narrow window of two years for a young person to develop from only just being responsible for their own actions, to being responsible for the fate of the nation. As I wrote previously :

"The liberal policy wonks seem to be engaged in a process of lowering the age of political responsibility while simultaneously raising the age of responsibility for everything else."

* Clegg's talking nonsense. 16 and 17-year-olds don't get sent to the front line.


Anonymous said...

"Clegg's talking nonsense."

And the Pope's a Catholic.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that they are raising the school leaving age to 18.
How can it be right that a bunch of school kids (16-17) get to choose the government.. crazy.

The age should be raised to 21 and who has had a job for at least 1 year. Real job, not make work job.

DJ said...

Not quite everything else....

Plus, of course, 12 is quite old enough to exercise the ever-important 'right to choose' when the inevitable happens.

dr cromarty said...

..and Tatchell wants to take the age of consent down to 14. Perhaps it's because he and Clegg and their ilk all think with their members.