Thursday, November 04, 2010


From transcripts of the police interviews with Roshonara Choudhry, the young East London Bangladeshi Muslim who stabbed her local MP, Stephen Timms. Don't ask me how the Guardian got the transcript - I assume the police accidentally-on-purpose released it on Government advice.

DC Hussain Sorry, just before we finish, I've just a couple of questions that I've got to ask you. When did this interest of yours for Islam develop?

A I've always been quite religious and I started to listen to Anwar al-Awlaki lectures last year and then I started to get really into it and I listened to everything that … like all of his recorded lectures that he made and that would have been like since November. I've been listening to him since November.

Hussain How did you get introduced to Anwar al-Awlaki?

A He's quite famous and I've started to listen to his stuff.

Hussain How did you come across him?

A On the internet.

Hussain Was that from your own research or did someone recommend him?

A From my own research but everybody listens to him and likes him anyway (my italics - LT).

UPDATE - remember how mass immigration is designed to help get the jobs done that the natives don't want to do, to pay the taxes that will keep paying our old age pensions and to, as Dave Osler says "keep this country going or it folds"?

There's just a small aside in this Andrew Gilligan post about Tower Hamlets :

"Tower Hamlets is Britain’s poorest borough, with less than half its residents in work and an average income of £13,000 per head."

Now to be fair, there's no ethnic breakdown of these stats. A/c/t Wiki, Tower Hamlets was 43% native in 2001, and while it may now be 36% Muslim, it may be all those natives who are sat at home watching Celebrity Shopathon. But even assuming the lazy natives to be sat on their nethers while all the Bangladeshi Muslims are busy bees, if that £13,000 is an average for those in work, then they'll almost certainly be net tax recipients, not tax contributors. I don't see how this is going to "keep this country going or it folds" - indeed, it's likely to accelerate the folding process from a fiscal perspective.


Mark said...

Having previously worked in Tower Hamlets, I can vouch for the fact that its Bangladeshi population to a large degree subsists on the taxpayers tit.
When I was there in the 80s & 90s I found that most Bangla males over 40 weren't in gainful employment at all. By that time most of them had produced large families of 5 or 6 children and , with minimal skills and poor English, it just didn't pay them to work. Their wives of course were mostly monolingual in the Sylheti dialect of Bengali and were thus completely unemployable in the UK- even if they could get childcare sorted for their numerous children.
A wry smile came over my face when, in the debate over the recent mayorial election, it was widely publicised that the Council (pop around 200,000) runs on a budget of a billion quid pa. Many Labour worthies oop north, representing devastated mining communities with similar populations, were scratching their heads at the size of this budget when it was widely disclosed. Now they know they were sold a pup when they parroted the 'benefits of immigration line'- and their own communities are losing out to immigrant areas with a higher tax eating capacity than theirs.

Sgt Troy said...


Great post

It has often struck me that these people are dragging us down financially. I had no idea that the population of TH was so small relative to the Danegeld they extract.

In inner Birmingham(Mirpur) there a lot of disabled car parking spaces. Obviously first cousin marriage and recessive genetic illness come as standard. And one of the main "industries" of the area comprises white vans carting off the results to day centres.

You do wonder if the truth is begining to dawn on the said Labour "worthies", god knows they are as thick as two short planks, and it has taken long enough.

Woolas is a greasy little toad, but I wonder if this had any influence on him.

Amusing to see that Harriet "Ancien Regime" Harman is facing a mutiny.

It would of course be better if she faced La Guillotine

Sgt Troy said...

Total local council spend will apparently equate to about £177 billions next year

As the population of TH is about 225000, apparently, this means that they comprise about 1/275 of the UK population

So by head of population they should be getting £0.64 billion as an average - as the figure is £1 billion then they are having an extra 56.25% of council spending. And of course it is a young population too - maybe they will pay our pensions. Maybe the moon is made of green cheese

This isn't the half of it of course. The social security costs must be immense and entirely disproportionate taking into account large family size, there must be huge transfer payments especially in regard to housing benefit. Some bleeding heart said that there would be a particularly heavy impact here in the light of government HB cuts.

Unemployment in TH is one of the highest percentage figures in the country - despite the proximity of the City which generates all sorts of jons, though admittedly of dubious worth in a lot of cases.

This is a damned steep price to pay for a curry.

Message to liberals must be - you wanted it, you pay for it

mark said...

Sgt Troy- glad to hear you appreciated my earlier comment.

Although I ceased to have a connection with TH around a decade ago I still have contacts there; they happily admit (sotto voce) that the dependency culture still thrives like bindweed within its Bangladeshi population ,to an extent probably only equalled in other areas with large concentrations of subcontinental muslims.

One change I noticed by the time I left, compared to the early 80s when I first got to know the place, was a subtle change in household dynamics within the Bangla community. In the early 80s it was almost unheard of for a lone Bangla woman with kids to 'present as homeless' to the Council.By the turn of the millennium however this route to a long stay on benefits was quite common. The young women 'presenting' in this manner would either have been escaping a failed marriage (usually to a husband imported from Sylhet a few years previously)or would have been knocked up by a young thug from one of the estates infested with low level Bangla drug dealers. I suppose this shows a degree of 'integration', in that the pattern of benefits dependency in these cases more closely resembles that prevalent in the indigenous population- but that is pretty small consolation to the rest of us picking up the tab.