Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Night Music - And Christ Receive Thy Soul

A reminder that giving to the poor and needy is a Christian obligation, to be flouted at one's peril.

"The poem was first collected by John Aubrey in 1686, who also recorded that it was being sung in 1616, but it is believed to be much older."

This ay neet, this ay neet
Every neet and all
Fire and fleet and candle leet,
And Christ receive thy soul

If thou from here away does pass
To whinny moor thou com'st at last

If thou gav'st ever hosen and shoon
Sit thee down and put them on.

But if hosen and shoon thou ne'er gav'st nane
The winds will prick thee to the bare bane.

If thou from there away does pass
To purgatory fire thou com'st at last.

If ever thou gavest meat or drink
The fire shall never make thee shrink.

But if meat or drink thou gavest nane
The fire will burn thee to thy bare bane.

I hope this tune doesn't give too much offence to His Holiness - but there's no doubt that the world needs more Japanese people playing and listening to seventeenth-century British dance music - in the appropriate costume. Those dresses are lovely.


Edwin Greenwood said...

I notice that Lillibullero is finding its way back onto the World Service. Gradually and sparingly, but it's happening.

Perhaps soon we will see the return of Radio Newsreel, complete with a stirring rendition of Imperial Echoes, followed closely by the reintroduction the News at Half Speed and John Snagge accents.

Culminating in the display of the head of that frightful harpy Bidisha on a pole in the arcade of Bush House.

Ah, I feel better for that. Vivemus in spe.

Chris Hall said...

Not heard of the Lyke-Wake Dirge before. Tis excellent though.