Friday, September 03, 2010

Cyril Smith 1928-2010

Why did Norman Scott bite the pillow ?

Because he thought Cyril Smith was next.

They don't make Liberal MPs like that any more - working class, ran a company - not only that, but a company that made things, anti-abortion, pro-capital punishment. Even in the 70s he was a rarity in a party becoming dominated by career politicians.

"Spurred on by the chip on his very large shoulder, he saw it as his duty to fight for the rights of the common man. He was deeply proud of his modest Lancashire origins, and never let anyone forget it.

A shade puritanical, he had far more affinity with the lower middle class than with a Liberal establishment — the Bonham Carters, Thorpes and Grimonds — which he despised. He was the only Liberal to oppose the abolition of capital punishment and abortion law reform (“We are the backstreet abortionists for the rest of Europe,” he declared)."


Sgt Troy said...

30 odd years ago I thought Cyril looked too improbably large to survive long

And he lasted another 30 years

Trofim said...

If you want a stunning example of the inability to call a spade a spade, take the BBC's announcement of Cyril Smith's death. He was famous for the fact that he was very fat, nearly 30 stones at one point, and being completely at home with his size, he called his autobiography "Big Cyril". The BBC, that purveyor of the truth, said he was famous for his "larger than life personality". No other reference at all to his size. The obituary to use the word "fat" at all is the Telegraph. Shows you to what extent you can trust the media.

Call me Infidel said...

RIP Cyril Smith. Truly a larger than life character.

Anonymous said...

Google for 'Cyril Smith'+paedophile and 'Cyril Smith'+asbestos.

Good riddance to him.

Anonymous said...

Cyril and kiddie fiddling, I didnt try a search but...I've heard that rumoured before, from a contact within the police. Cyril seemed to drop out of national politics almost overnight as I remember it.

Anonymous said...

OK, Ive just done that search. Very tenuous. Hardly adds to my gossip at all (heard back in the 1990s)

Anonymous said...

Hope they didn't cremate him. Given the size of him and all that asbestos-tainted money, the fat cunt would use up some precious fossil fuel reserves.