Thursday, July 08, 2010

Sunny Hundal "Two Great Truths" Shocker

Now that Labour are consigned to the privatised council dustcart (rubbish/recyclables alternate weeks) of history, its adherents seem able to speak a few previously un-nameable truths.

First of all, a little aside in a Lib Con piece by one Adam Ramsey :

"Tony Blair seemed to believe that if you sound like a Tory, you can sneak through some Labour policies. So he switched from “tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime” to announcing initiatives to march ‘hoodies’ to cash machines.

And while these statements were Daily Mail fodder which never actually happened, a whole generation of people began to believe that attacking those who commit crime is the appropriate response ..."
I've been pointing that out for five years at least.

And here's the Sunster himself telling it like it is - or was :
The war on social issues has broadly been won by the left.
Can't argue with that, can you ? Nor with this (other than the word 'great') :

" ... expanding the size of the welfare state and making it central to people’s lives, despite Thatcher’s best attempts to destroy it, was one of New Labour’s greatest achievements ..."
He's not too sound on his history - given that the Thatcher years saw the explosion of the British underclass and the fatherless family*, and some fairly hefty public spending. But his point about trying to create as many welfare recipients as possible is a valid one. This struck me when I realised that an income of 48K entitled one to Child Tax Credit. The Gord giveth and the Gord taketh away. Welcome to the Benefits Big Tent !

* as Charles Murray put it :

When I wrote (in 1989) in the Sunday Times Magazine that Britain did indeed have an underclass, small but growing, the news had no natural constituency. Conservative politicians were embarrassed that crime, unemployment, and illegitimacy had soared conspicuously on their watch, and would just as soon have ignored the whole thing. The Left, ordinarily delighted to blame anything on Margaret Thatcher, couldn’t admit that crime really was rising and large numbers of people were exploiting the dole without sounding like lower-case conservatives. As for unmarried women having babies, it was a good sign, not a bad one, that women were no longer forced into marriage just because they got pregnant. From Left and Right alike, the notion of a British underclass was generally dismissed as an attempt to impose an American paradigm on British problems that weren’t really so terrible anyway.


JuliaM said...

"...a whole generation of people began to believe that attacking those who commit crime is the appropriate response..."

So, what IS the 'appropriate response' according to our new progressive overlords?

Because it seems as though we've tried the hugs n' kisses route, and it hasn't worked...

Anonymous said...


used babel fish to translate your Chinese commentator, it means:

'An An! Just started to play this, comes here to stroll'.

lemmeout said...

There is, in certain quarters, vitriolic comment on Sunny.
Not being English, any more than I'm Chinese, he presumes to steal our identity from us, orders us to redefine ourselves in HIS terms, the arrogant little b*****d, and then sets out to remake our society for us.
Try this for nerve:
The real vitriolic stuf is elsewhere, but in a blog obviously suited to famliy fireside reading, etc., etc.,

Laban said...

Sunny's not evil (although a tad unprincipled). He's just trying it on.

Anonymous said...

Sunny may not be evil but many of his fellow travellers will denounce us as evil for calling him on his bs.

Hexe Froschbein said...

Laban said: "Sunny's not evil (although a tad unprincipled). He's just trying it on."

And here we have in one sentence, the hubristic poison that kills our culture in too many spheres: We see no need to defend ourselves, after all, we're so cool, it'll make you freeze -- insignificant trolls don't stand a chance against our lofty principles ...

Well guys the reason we're losing it bit by bit in almost every sphere in our culture is that, maybe our principles and ideals are good, but, only on paper, not in reality.

Here is a little German saying for you all: der Kluegere gibt nach bis er der Dumme ist.

It's an old piece of rubbish advice to shame fighting kids into civility: The clever person gives in (since it's just a triviality).

The result of that nonsense is of course that the clever person ends up giving in until they become the stupid loser.

Hundal is not harmless, he is evil because he does have evil principles even if his principles strike you as non-existant due to their shoddiness. And yes he is trying it on, and he is succeeding.

Sgt Troy said...

"And here we have in one sentence, the hubristic poison that kills our culture in too many spheres:"

Quite so

But then Hyundal is an interloper, and he has his own agenda - criticising him is rather like objecting to a dog barking.

utterly unforgivable are the home grown malignants who infest CIF

Look at the insouciant sneer on this arrogant Commie mug, the unnatural self-loathing creature!

Anonymous said...

And here we have in one sentence, the hubristic poison that kills our culture in too many spheres

Totally true.

So Sunny is just trying it on, yes, he is. At what point do we get to call him on it?

Rules about ethnicity, nope not allowed.

Hey we could have our own political party, oops, no not allowed either thats fascism.

And so on.

Sunny needs to know he is only here on sufferance...and thats it. He doesnt get to vote, doesnt get to tell us who we are.