Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Night Love

From a more innocent age of black music - rock steady heaven :

A lot of reggae from that era has a slightly Western feel - the drums and guitar chugging along like a wagon and horses.

'Ring of Gold' is nice too.

Lets stay with geriatric reggae.

"Men without religion
Just can't keep in a righteous man position"
How true that is.

Finally ... something right up to date - banjos. A bunch of publicans, but none the worse for it. Via my son :

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fellist said...

I put Jimmy Cliff's 'Sufferin' in the Land' onto my mp3 player yesterday, aside from anything else it's topical. There's a real power and dignity in the bare simplicity of some early reggae - especially the semi-religious stuff like SitL.

When thinking about the changes in Black (and White) popular-culture we shouldn't think these are always or entirely spontaneous developments. They largely follow the agendas of those with financial control of the various culture industries, and over the last fifty years especially that agenda (anti-White, pro-crime etc.) has been imposed contrary not just to the interests of Black and White consumers but also contrary to their wishes.