Saturday, February 06, 2010

Saturday Night Luurrve

What was the name of the record shop in Bradford's John Street Market ? I remember almost crying with laughter when they played this - and it's still pretty good now. Bill Cosby in Walrus of Love mode - a touching tale of domestic violence :

(And he doesn't do a bad line in political rhetoric, either)

UPDATE - I grow old. The record stall which I can't recall the name of (Jumbo ? Discovery ?) was in the late Rawson Market, a small market of mostly butchers/fruit&veg between the (then) new Kirkgate monstrosity and John Street Market - John Street being a fine market with a pie and peas stand, Baltic food shop and the very wonderful Doris and Roy's Furniture, where house-clearance treasures were to be found.

Like so much else of beauty in Bradford, Rawson Market no longer exists.


Sam Proctor said...

I remember the record shop in St John's market - the title began with a B, er, Bostock's Records I think!

Laban said...

There WAS a Bostocks somewhere ... but I've just remembered the record shop I'm thonking of was in Rawson market, opposite John Street.

Anonymous said...

I though Bostocks was in the Merrion Centre in Leeds? Just next to the Featherstone Kite. Or was it a chain?