Thursday, January 07, 2010

Well Strike A Light

Last year I noted the sad case of Brum Labour Party's Elaina Cohen, who applied to be the party's candidate for the Lozells council seat and was told by another councillor "They will not vote for someone who is white and Jewish. My Muslim members don't want you because you are Jewish".

As it turns out, not all Muslim members feel the same way about her :

Khalid Mahmood, who is the MP for Birmingham Perry Barr, claimed a total of £1,350 for nine nights stay over a four-week period in 2004, when he stayed at The Bentley hotel in Kensington. He also claimed £1,225 for five nights stay in 2008.

Mahmood used the hotel after separating from partner Nasim Akhtar, with whom he lived in Wembley, though this address was not given on his 2004 claims form. He checked into the hotel with then girlfriend Elaina Cohen under the fake names Mr Khaled and Eleine Mahmood.
I'd have thought, given the first story, that Mr Mahmood (about whom I know little except that
he made a pretty decent stab at keeping 'community tensions' down at the time of the Lozells riots) might find he's peeved some of his constituents by his dalliance - unless of course he could persuade Ms Cohen to 'do an Osborne' and convert to Islam.


Recusant said...

I like his claim that he chose the hotel because of it's value and convenience for the tube. Yeah, right. I live opposite it and I don't suppose all those Saudi princes, Indian billionaires and Indian Presidents on State visits use it for that. Still, he does seem to be getting a very good deal: one third of the normal price for a room.

Yaffle said...

Is a Jew who converts to Islam still a "descendant of apes and pigs"? Not much you can do about your ancestry, after all. Perhaps the highest-ranking cleric in the Sunni Muslim world could clarify.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Is this one of these "hotels" that charges by the hour then?

Mr Grumpy said...

"Muslim members" - you're a very naughty boy, Laban. More power to your esteemed organ.

Sgt Troy said...

I quoted the following passage and link on CIF a week or so ago, without comment - and it was immediately censored, they won't even allow references to their own stuff.

"The oddities of humans and bands of creation that are Jews (may Allah make them ugly) have smeared creation and defaced mankind. The band of the Jews have amassed despicable qualities and vile characteristics of which only one of those qualities would be enough to indicate the sordidness of their cause and the greatness of their malice, so what if all those traits were combined in them?"

"If the Green Lanes mosque could find Saudi preachers to do that, or even to defend such notions as the right of women to drive cars or to show their faces in public, it would be doing a whole lot more to encourage British Muslims to become productive members of society. But such preachers are unlikely to be Saudis."

Or Pakistanis come to that
Good only Green Lane Mosque, ticked all the right boxes on the surface too