Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Night Music - You Heard It Here First

I think Jack Hobbs (alas no relation to the great man) has potential, potuntial and possibly potoontial. And he lists Vaughan Williams as an influence. I'd ignore the bio, which sounds like something you'd read on the back of a 1965 debut EP - maybe that's the idea.

'4 minute turnaround' is the one to check out on the Facebook music player. Confident sound for a first year student. I like the Jeffersonian/Fairportian guitar, and the guy can sing.

UPDATE - just found this - slushy strings, Mr Acker Bilk on clarinet, and the voice, the voice. Hidden away on Youtube, not one of her best ever songs but still magnificent, only 79 views in two months - Sandy Denny singing Full Moon.

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