Thursday, December 10, 2009

Darwin Nominees

It's pretty much traditional now. Some young scallawags get killed doing things that are perhaps foolish, perhaps criminal, or perhaps both, and their friends who pop up to mourn the deceased are, to a man or woman, incapable of writing in English:

"at t end ov t day 2 young boyz av died , av u never wen u was young was daring n willing 2 do things tha no1 else wud do??"

Compare the comments - and the mourners, above, with the much poorer community Gwilym Rees Williams grew up in - and wonder what's happened to our culture - and our education system - in the last 50 years.


Anonymous said...

If these losers (the grieving friends)resemble the half-wits round our way then a shrine will soon be established at the site of their demise. Round here its not as exciting as quad bikes on the railway, rather the moped seems to be the chosen method of self-immolation.

Flowers will be displayed, poorly worded cards as well. A few sad cases (girls mostly) will hang around drinking and smoking trying to trade on the surface glamour and drama of the event. Then, after a few weeks as the floral tributes die off, it will be completely forgotten.

Grant Price said...

The tale of life in early 20th Wales really brought tears to my eyes - I grew up not far from Rees Williams's home a couple of generations later, and my family's experience is not dissimilar.

Many things have changed, some good, some bad - but, reading it, I can't help thanking providence that my parents are growing old and my son growing up now and not then.

AndrewWS said...

A magnificent demonstration of illiteracy and amorality; this person doesn't understand what insurance is for or that theft is actually WRONG: "none of you new these boys yet ur all sat there behind ur computers and judgeing these boys! they robed a store that has fully insurance which makes no odds to them!!!! what gives you the rite to say they were bad boys???? if they wuda robed a house and took kids stuff i wud say fair enuff! BUT THEY DIDNT IT WAS A SHOP!!! all they were doing is giving they kids/family a better christmas. i say to the ppl who have nothing but bad things to say about these boys put them in the room with the family....DONT GO JUDGING PPL WHEN YOU DONT NO THEM!! i dont no the boys but i no they will b sadly missed and one child is left with out a ppl who are saying they are criminals are from a diff part ov cardiff take you out ov the posh parts and lets see you live on the wage the real world has to live on see how you manage!!!!!
R.I.P boys!!!! and thinking ov your family at this horrible time. xxxx

(curious that the username is darky123)

"Please note some comments have been removed or are unpublished for reasons of taste and legality. WalesOnline"

- a comment in itself. I was educated by a number of Welshmen, although I grew up in SE England - dignified, upright men with a love of learning. Those who are no longer with us, and generations of bards and scholars, must be revolving slowly in their graves.

Sgt Troy said...

"Guy Dammann lectures on music and philosophy at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and is a Research Associate at London University's School of Advanced Studies. He has written widely on classical music, the arts and ideas for the Guardian, Observer, New Statesman, Economist and other publications, also contributing a music and ideas column to the The Liberal magazine"

"I can't go to my nearest newsagent any more for fear of a gang of teenagers to whom I once refused to give a cigarette"

No connection there then

JuliaM said...

"...they robed a store that has fully insurance which makes no odds to them!!!!..."

Ah, there speaks a future politician. Assuming the illiteracy is sorted out.

Or maybe, not...

dearieme said...

And no-one takes the opportunity to machine-gun the fuckers? Pity.

cornyborny said...

Three thoughts on the CIF extrusion linked to by Sgt Troy.

1. Things must be getting bad if the inhabitants of Planet Liberal have started noticing a problem, and started groping for a solution.

2. Liberals really do have the most woolly-ass thought processes...

3. ...and the most touching faith in the State. The whole national service redux idea is plainly just a ploy to fiddle the unemployment figures (and to reinforce the idea that we somehow owe the State); any benefit to the participants, or to Joe Schmoe on the street, is entirely incidental.

Anonymous said...

Talking of CIF whilst at the same time going off topic, have you seen this Laban?

An above the line admission that we aren't bombing the Afghan's for Wimmins rights, and so little Narnia (or whatever her name is) can go to school, but really its all about geopolitics and oil&gas.


I'm stunned.

Ed West said...

At least there were no mention of "soljas" like here in the Great Wen everytime some 15-year-old gets gunned down in an argument over who has the best ring tone. Still, only a matter of time.

staybryte said...

Ed West,

Not a habitual Torygrapher myself but toddled off to your blog there and found some of it of great interest. The piece re Rod Liddle was very acutely observed. Thank you.

Ed West said...

staybryte, thanks. Usually I just nick stuff off Laban. I'm the Dennis Leary to his Bill Hicks.