Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Calm Down, Yazza !

Yazza has two personas for her two main media outlets

Indie : "I blame white men"

The world only feels right when women are removed from the public space. We know that is what the Taliban believes. The discouraging truth is that all nations would dearly like it if women went back indoors again to seek and find total fulfilment in babies and baking and these days 24-hour sexual availability.
Chance would be a fine thing. But not 24 hours. One wouldn't like to be doing a 10-hour day and worrying about the Home Front.

But of course, on the big picture Yazza is right. Throwing acid in the faces of schoolgirls Taleban-style is exactly like criticising the appointment of Baroness Ashton as EU foreign minister.

Daily Mail : "I blame the permissive society"

(And I love persona 2 as much as I hate persona 1)

But it's not just Belle de Jour who (for a good price) gives the punters what they want, is it ?

(via Julia M)


Mark said...

The Baroness Ashton appointment made nearly everyone's jaw drop, not just those belonging to unreconstructed misogynists. Yazza has been hit so badly by hormonal red mist here(and not for the first time) that she can't see the bleedin' obvious.

Julia meanwhile scores bullseye after bullseye. I particularly liked this one (apropos Yazza's snipe at Belle de Jour) -

'And you make a hell of a lot of money opening your mouth without apparently engaging your brain. Who’s serving society’s needs best between you?'

DJ said...

Say, isn't there some other chick out there who keeps getting mentioned in connection with a top job? Usually in the context of endless articles by one of the Yazzmonster's fellow cultists explaining how she's still got a lot to prove before she can be taken as seriously as Barack '57 States' Obama?

Let's see the Yazzmonster put lipstick on *that* pig.

Vijay Chakravarthy said...

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