Thursday, September 10, 2009

Social Cohesion

It's cognitive dissonance time again :

'No Tooting race problem' despite two mosque attacks.

Tooting Muslims advised to walk in groups to prayers during Ramadan.

Elsewhere in London - "Large gangs of Bengali and Somali youths have been clashing in running street battles in London’s East End, eye witnesses have reported."


Anonymous said...

This is not a problem that a "love festival" is going to solve.

SwiftyBoy said...

Ah, wonderful. Multi-culti vibrancy and diversity in all its splendour.

Community worker: "It's not street gang fighting, officer, it's a cultural tradition we've brought over here from Somalia"

PC Plod: "Ah, I see, very good, carry on"

Rest of country: "What the fuck is going on???"

Praguetory said...

"We are a very strong community where mosques and churches live cheek by jowl." Sadiq Khan

That quote deserves a wider audience.

Mark said...

Harry's Place usually follows events in Tower Hamlets pretty closely. Quite a few of its contributors doubtless had grandparents who voted for Phil Piratin in 1945 (the only Communist ever returned as an MP in an English constituency).
However they seem to be keeping a 'dignified silence' about this summers outbreak of vibrancy in the East End.