Saturday, July 18, 2009

NWOBJ - what did I tell you ?

earlier this month ....

"... the only jihadis who seem to fit the "weirdo loner" profile of yer average native pyrotechnician seem to be converts ..."
And behold ... poor little rich boy ...

Returning to Colston's, Andrew Ibrahim's weight and lack of sporting ability helped other pupils label him a "loser" and his increasingly unruly behaviour led the school to ask him to leave in December 2002, shortly before his 14th birthday...

Despite his increasing addiction, his parents stood by him, splitting the rent with him on a flat in Kingswood, a suburb in North East Bristol, with his mother doing a weekly food shop for him. At the flat, Ibrahim had videos of women's feet he had taken on his mobile phone at college without their knowledge, which he admitted were part of a "sexual interest" and he had searched for pictures of Kiera Knightley's feet on the internet.

He had become hooked on heroin and crack cocaine, using the drugs several times a day and stealing to fund his habit. He was reprimanded by police for possessing heroin in May 2006 at the age of 17 and warned for shoplifting on two occasions in September and October 2006.

Alongside his various addictions, Ibrahim had five tattoos done during 2005 and 2006, including "Hardcore" across his stomach and "HTID" on his right bicep to represent "Hardcore Till I Die" after a style of rave music. He also had a variety of hairstyles and colours along with a series of facial and intimate piercings.

Well, he did - and then he changed.

Before - a typical young Briton, expressing his individuality by copying loads of other people.

After - altogether a more serious figure. Grow the beard a little longer and buy a motorbike ! I digress.

Sunny once again looks at the press coverage of this kid-with-everything and sees the cancer of racism rearing its ugly head yet again - or is it the cancer of Islamophobia ? I forget.

"Let’s see – nutjob wants to take out other Britons. Is working alone. Gets caught. But one story makes the front page of the Evening Standard. Another story involving a white guy who was in a more advanced stage of bomb-making barely rates a mention in the back pages. "
He's referring of course to this somewhat sorry figure.

I can’t believe that Sunny is as daft as he pretends to be. I guess it's just that his target audience need their fill of such stories to balance his often cogent criticisms of the cultures of the subcontinent. He must know perfectly well that the ‘public schoolboy’ angle will hit the Mail, Telegraph and Evening Standard erogenous zones – they just love a ‘middle-class gone wrong’ story and this guy has the dream background. Whereas the soi-disant Waffen SS guy was an inarticulate working class drunk.

A better parallel would be to compare Neil Lewington, inarticulate white Waffen SS UK Member, with an inarticulate white working class jihadi convert. Google ‘Nicholas Roddis’ – of the fearsome Al Qaeda Organisation In Rotherham. He didn’t make much of a media splash- got reported, but never hit the front pages or radio headlines.

And as for Sunny's ‘more advanced stage’ of explosive manufacture – our Waffen SS chap basically had some firelighters – call them incendiary devices if you wish. I also have some advanced stage incendiaries - I put them in the grate, light them - and they burn at once ! Then I put coal on top.

Our public schoolboy had HTMD in his fridge – that’s stuff that makes quite a bang – and a suicide vest for it to go in.

“When they entered his flat in April last year, police found between 125-245 grammes of the unstable explosive Hexamethylene Triperoxide Diamine, also known as HMTD, in a Family Circle biscuit tin in Ibrahim’s fridge. He had also made an electrical circuit capable of detonating the explosive at short range and a half-made suicide vest … Ibrahim made the HMTD, the same substance used in the July 7 attacks, and suicide vest entirely through instructions from the internet.”

(btw, I don’t know if the 7/7 attacks actually used HMTD – you get different stories from different sources. After the attacks the story was that it was TATP as used in Gaza rockets, then it changed to being ‘organic peroxide-based’ i.e. flour and concentrated H2O2. For obvious reasons I’d reckon there was a lot of disinformation about. I note that the wikipedia entry for HMTD has been pruned to remove information about the easily-obtainable ingredients and a link to a 'how to make it' site, among other things.)

UPDATE - two other thoughts ... both Ibrahim and Lewington were nobodies with big hopes (or big fantasies if you like). Now they're somebodies, even if they're not somebodies we'd like to be ourselves.

And this strikes me as far more significant than Mr Little-boy-lost Ibrahim. The reporter is at Regents Park Mosque, listening to preachers instructing the faithful to kill apostates, adulterers, homosexuals, avoid the company of non-Muslims - you know, that stuff that would come under 'hate crime' were a Christian saying it. But it's not that, it's this :

I was amazed at how many young British women seemed to find this version of the faith attractive. One young girl told me that when she first attended the circle, she was dressed in jeans and that she had many non-Muslim friends. She now loves only those that are around her - "other sisters in the circle" - and only engages with non-Muslims to try to convert them. Many of the sisters had the idea of living as a separate community - a concept alien to me and many other Muslims I know.
More canaries in the coal mine. Like Peter Hitchens, I think it's likely that this country will see a great religious revival in this century - but that it may not be a Christian one.


JuliaM said...

" a Family Circle biscuit tin in Ibrahim’s fridge.."

That description is so very, very British, isn't it?

Homophobic Horse said...

*clap clap clap*

Funny stuff Laban top post!

As for the converts.. Red is the colour of redemption.

Anonymous said...

They are trying to present this guy as a typical white upperclass tosser.

Yet his father is an Egyptian..
So its not quite so 'homegrown' as they pretend.

Anonymous said...

Yeah he's half foreigner. We should cut his legs off to make him full British.

Sgt Troy said...

Calling General Dannatt.......

More enrichment

Sgt Troy said...

"More canaries in the coal mine. Like Peter Hitchens, I think it's likely that this country will see a great religious revival in this century - but that it may not be a Christian one."

Hitchens is an absolute twat

His political stance is one of abject capitulation

Apparently a white knight right of centre political party will emerge in some years time; though it probably won't and we don't have some years left

Rob said...

It isn't surprising at all. People crave certainty. Modern liberalism is a sneering celebration of the opposite.

It doesn't matter whether the 'certainty' is well-founded or not. These women are choosing the certainty of a culture and religion with set-in-stone misogynist attitudes instead of a liberal culture which doesn't think or care about anything. Can you blame them?

Homophobic Horse said...

"It isn't surprising at all. People crave certainty. Modern liberalism is a sneering celebration of the opposite.

It doesn't matter whether the 'certainty' is well-founded or not. These women are choosing the certainty of a culture and religion with set-in-stone misogynist attitudes instead of a liberal culture which doesn't think or care about anything. Can you blame them?"

Women get totally turned on by manliness. I remember a few years ago this woman I knew got talking about to me talking about the insipidness of pop culture in a bar. Some twats heard us and didn't care much my anti-pop views. With a surge of testosterone from gods knows where I sustained my fearsome "critique" and ended up by saying I wanted to slash their throats. My lady friend, who is a pert and gentle little nurse, was turned into a ravenous sex monster by my aggression.

Looking back what I did was very wrong and frightening. Losing your temper can be primitive, dangerous, but also intoxicating. It is primitive and morally wrong. So it's no wonder some men and women grow to love it and convert to Islam.

Anonymous said...


It would be great if you had your own blog!

You know it makes sense.

JuliaM said...

"Losing your temper can be primitive, dangerous, but also intoxicating."

'tis true... ;)

Laban said...

I wouldn't agree with Sylvia Plath that EVERY woman loves a fascist, but there's no doubt that SOME women like to see their chap knocking seven shades out of some other chap. Which is why your local villain isn't usually short of company.

I remember years back a chap who'd been sacked turned up in reception looking for a director to punch. The director in question went off to look for his adversary - and his secretary was more excited than I'd ever seen her at the prospect of her boss and this guy punching it out. We practically had to peel her off the ceiling !

Bloke said...

"Women get totally turned on by manliness".


Sylvia Plath: EVERY woman loves a fascist.

Is that so?

Hmmnnn... (thinks)

Seriously, folks, women are hardwired to look for behaviour's that say Alpha Male. They'll take Sean Connery as Bond over Timothy Dalton any day and every day - much as they may protest otherwise.

The propaganda about newmen and being caring sharing and sensitive will win a woman's heart is all lies.

Sure, it helps if you have these qualities but you'll never get the opportunity to utilise them if you don't first attract women by being, or pretending to be, an alpha male.

Pick Up Artists (PUAs) using 'Game' have got this down to a fine art.

Google 'roissy in dc'. People like roissy may not come across very well but they do know what they are talking about - IMHO.

I'm middle aged and married. But when I read their techniques, I immediately recognised some of the stuff I used to do when I was out on the pull, as a youngster, or just generally how I thought you should behave with a girlfriend.

Me and my mates were making it up as we went along using trial and error, we weren't anywhere near the kind of science these blokes have turned it into.

Its a shame this wasn't around when I was young as relationship screw ups from the past could be put down to me slipping into beta mode rather than staying more consistently Alpha.

There is no need for trial and error nowadays, these PUAs are writing user manuals and self help books.

Anonymous said...

So Laban, did those two blokes ever have it out?

Who won, was he given a triumphal run of the typing pool?

Anonymous said...

For every woman that gets turned on by a punch-up there are ten that think it is childish and immature and the men involved are probably dangerous and prone to be wife beaters.

Thing is that any approach you might consider using to attract women is likely to work on some women, some of the time. When someone finds a technique that works on all women all of the time I'll raise an eyebrow.

The technique I have seen to work best is "aiming low". Basically you chat up women that are slightly less attractive than the women that are normally interested in you. The other technique that works really well is paying for sex - its more honest and leaves fewer entanglements the next day too.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that some "narrative" was being spun around this Ibrahim guy? Sounds to me that what we are witnessing is an attempt to keep a lid on the whole Islamofacism thing since the 7th July attacks.

So we get some story with little evidence that this guy was a nutty Islamic convert acting alone getting information from the interent and then shopped at the right moment by the Islamic community just as he had plenty of evidence around that he was up to no good. Not sure I believe it. Seems like just a story to dissuade us from joinng the dots to other Islamic terrorist actions.

Bloke said...

"The technique I have seen to work best is "aiming low"."

I was more after the long term relationship rather than the quick shag in the car park.

There is something to be said for aiming low though. You'll probably get someone who never questions how lucky they are to be with you.

One of the games me and some of my mates used to play in our clubbing days was the opposite of this.

If you get blown out, your mates buy the drinks for you. A sot of reward for having the balls to have a go.

This was great for me because in my early twenties I had more front than Sainsburys.

It also encouraged you (well, me and my wing man mostly) to go and try to to chat up the most gorgeous looking birds in the club. If you didn't take the knock backs personally, this paid off, as often enough they were actually quite nice people who most blokes were too scared to talk to.

Of course if a long term relationship develops from this, from time to time the women you meet this way may question what the hell they are doing with a beta when they could have had an alpha, which is what they thought you were when they met you.

Which reminds me of a conversation I once had with a former Ferrari owner. He said something like "yeah they look great, and go like rockets on an open road, but they are crap in traffic, which unfortunately is where you spend most of your time".

Depends what you are after really. A reliable runner, or a Ferrari thats great when it works, but can overheat in traffic jams.

You pays your money etc...

Fortunately, now, being middle aged, being a dad and being a grown up, I nowadays live in a completely different dimension.

Anonymous said...

I think the best technique for pulling the best girls is "sociable disinterest". Be friendly and approachable but then not so interested. Let them do the work. I guess women get tired of all the chat-up lines, the guys with "desparate" written all over them and so on. Also means you aren't on the back foot all the time in the relationship because they don't know how much you like them but they have to show that they like you.

North Northwester said...

Calm down lads, calm down.
Get a grip. Can we go back to terrorist-hating again, please?

Anonymous said...

RE: 'Trying to present this guy as a typical white...'

Are people that lacking in perception that they can't tell this guy is not British? I'd have guessed the father was Pakistani, not even Egyptian. Frankly he looks fully non-European, could easily be a Syrian, Turk or some such. I guess he could pass as a Southern Euro, but definitely not British.