Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Is This Legal ?

Equality South West is reminding people not to vote for the British National Party in the June 4 elections, like you need reminding… right?

Paul Dunn, chief executive of Equality South West, told the PRSD: “It wasn’t long ago that BNP leader Nick Griffin said he wanted the South West to be a multicultural-free-zone.

“That’s a shocking statement and reveals the party’s true colours. When you also take into account their opposition to mixed-race relationships and homosexuality, their stated desire to stop all immigration and their scapegoating of Muslims and migrant workers, you get the polar opposite of all that Equality South West holds dear.

“We believe in an inclusive, diverse and tolerant society, we believe that different religions and nationalities add richness to all our lives, not just in economic terms, but in cultural terms too.

“Most importantly, we believe that everyone is equal, which is why I strongly urge people not to use their vote for a party that seeks to divide people on grounds of their religion, sexuality or race.”

Isn't Equality South West 100% tax-funded (assuming the Big Lottery Fund to be a tax on stupidity) ?

As I said a while back :

All over the country there are 'funding streams' washing about. Most start at the Home Office and EU, and meander through swamps of bureaucracy before ending up in some sociology grad's budget.

But is a tax-funded organisation allowed to run a partisan campaign at election times ? Anyone know ?


Homophobic Horse said...

The quangos cannot be voted out.

Harry J said...

Diversity is divide and rule by another name.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are clearly allowed to do this.

It's illegal, but that doesn't matter if you are campaigning for PC causes.

Brian, follower of Deornoth

Guy Herbert said...

If they've spent money to do it (and surely a quango can't issue a statement without pissing away 10 grand of your money), you can complain to the Electoral Commission about controlled third party expenditure, and watch the ensuing quango deathmatch - while paying for both sets of lawyers.