Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Night Music ....

More female singers .... an acquired taste, this. Martin Carthy and Richard Thompson on guitars, the late Lal Waterson singing. I could listen to this voice till the cows come home. If you like it try "Fine Horseman" or "To Make You Stay".

And this one's in a somewhat different and much more bland style - the chilled-out Nicola Hitchcock with DJ Tiesto - an Enya for the Noughties ?

Lastly someone with a truly remarkable voice and incredible vocal range - the Dame Clara Butt de nos jours. Sounds like Gregorian chant, this. Lisa Gerrard :


The Earl of Shilton said...

Laban,thanks for the Lal Waterson vid.

I didnt know anything about her before now.

You Tube have a couple of clips from a 1965 documentary which are fascinating.

Love the voice, she was singing whilst I was still a babby.

Laban said...

Those '65 clips are real 60s kitcen sink stuff, aren't they ? And notice that everyone is smoking.

The Earl of Shilton said...

Its certainly a classic kitchen sink style film Laban. I noticed the amount of smoking going on and the smoke in the air too. Reminded me of the SU office at the FE college I attended. You could cut the air with a knife, the smoke was so thick in there.

Topic Records list the film as "Travelling For A Living". It seems like its on DVD but I cant find it in their online shop. Looks like early Watersons and the film will have to be aquired!

Another forgotten 60's documentary you might like is 'The London Nobody Knows'. It was released on dvd a couple of years ago. Before that, I remember seeing it on late night BBC2 slots before the age of 24 hour tv. It has James Mason striding about London looking at forgotten corners and characters.I've got the book, of the same name, it was based on.

Also check out 'The Moon and Sledge Hammer' a documentary about a family living in a wood in the south east of England in the early seventies.They spend their time mechanicing and driving steam traction engines.

fellist said...

Earl Of Shilton, the entire documentary is floating around in cyberspace somewhere on file-sharing networks. Worth downloading if you can find it.

I love Eliza Carthy's voice too, but find most of her records displeasing because she won't conform to a regular song structure. It just annoys me.