Monday, May 04, 2009

Underclass News - Hull

The court heard how Kirsty Ashley and a large group of friends surrounded Stephen, who was 16 at the time of the attack and did not know them. Ashley accused him of assaulting his girlfriend. There was no evidence to suggest this was true. The gang backed Stephen up against a glass panel while Ashley slapped and punched him, before trying to set his hair on fire with a lighter.

Two days later she was arrested, searched and the earring (ripped from the victim's ear - LT) was found. She claimed to have found it on the floor.

So far, so everyday story of oxygen thief. She didn't get sent down - after all, she's only 16. And she's pregnant. Although to be fair, she lives in a council children's home, so statistically she's likely to end up inside sooner or later. I wonder how her baby will turn out ?

It's the comments which provide the only entertainment in the whole sorry tale.


JuliaM said...

Those comments are deeply depressing...

Ed West said...

"once agien i knoew what she did waz bad but u have to undiestand that i am her bro hand that i am to suport heir like any bro wood do as u wood do so thoese who think thiere cleever betair cleer off yer scumbegs"

Brilliant. Private Eye couldn't make it up

North Northwester said...

Judge Thorn said it was with "regret" the sentence was not custodial.

I thought that this was so sincere, didn't you; dear readers?