Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spot The Difference

Iain Dale notes the BNP-flavoured nuLab leaflet being dished out in the North West, and asks :

When you first looked at this leaflet, which party did you think it was for? It's no surprise that this is Labour's Euro election leaflet for the North West of England - the region which is most likely to return a BNP MEP. Wonder who this leaflet is aimed at, then?

Well, it's not just the North West of England - I was up visiting family in Bromsgrove (West Midlands Euro-constituency) and they had the same one there. I imagine that's also a BNP target seat.

They also had this leaflet :

And this one :

It's the Battle of the Spitfires !

If the BNP change nothing else, they're changing Labour Party iconography. I told you it would be entertaining to watch El Gordo wrapping himself in the Union Jack.


Moriarty said...

Nu Labour have been trying to triangulate with the BNP for ages of course - "British jobs for British workers". Gordon's Moral Compass in action.

The Labour election leaflet around here has the front covered by a Union flag, I don't know who they think they're fooling.

Mildly Mystified said...

Every now and again I'll browse through the daily BNP bashing CIF piece, and something that comes up time and again is lefties saying the BNP had a spitfire in their leaflet which was actually Polish.

I was quite sure that the Poles flew Hurricanes in the Battle of Britain and not Spitfires.

If they flew Hurricanes they probably later upgraded to Typhoons and Tempests but not Spitfires.

I would be surprised if most lefties could tell the difference between a Spitfire and a Hurricane.

Who is lying?

Should I care?

Does it matter anyway? They were in the RAF, they were flying British planes.

I don't get why they make such a fuss over this.

Its not as if Poles were black or heaven forbid, black muslims.

They keep bringing this up though, so its probably a killer argument. I just don't understand why its a killer argument.

Homophobic Horse said...

It isn't a killer argument. If anything, it strengthens the BaNana Party case. For the Poles were driven by patriotism to continue fighting the Hun even after Poland had been overrun. Even after their had been told Poland was to be the testbed for Hitler's fabricated ideological prerogative - Lebensraum.

Lebensraum = Yesterday's multiculturalism and mass immigration

Anonymous said...

Poles in the RAF - There were two Polish fighter squadrons in the RAF in 1940, 302 & 303. Both flew Hurricanes, however neither was officially in action until later in the Battle. Later they transitioned to Spitfires, in 1941, its one of these 1941 Polish Spits that the BNP used in a leaflet.

So the irony for me is that the plane pictured is not from the Battle of Britain, even though thats what it seems to allude to.

Btw not all Poles were in those two squadrons, there were also, I believe, other Polish pilots scattered through RAF squadrons. Also I should point out that 302 & 303 had non-Polish pilots at various times.


North Northwester said...

THIS is what was meant by 'patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.'

The last resort.

NOW they get all patriotic.
Scottish Assembly, Welsh Assembly, Home Rule in Ulster, plans for English Regional Assemblies, Ever-Closer Union, and now they wrap themselves in the Union Flag.

I'd gladly see some of them under the Union flag, but only horizontally, I think.

Brian said...

The Labour Spitfire MkIIa P7350 is based on the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight's example. However, it lacks a tailwheel (the mkIIa's did not retract) and no RAF squadron carried UD codes either side of the fuselage roundel. Is Labour admitting it is fictional and not airworthy?

Anonymous said...

Our leftie chums get over excited by the whole BNP/Polish Spitfire story because they think it shows BNP hypocrisy.

They say the BNP is a white party, so Poles should A-OK for the BNP. However the BNP says its a British nationalist party and indigenous British people are white. And of course Poles are not indigenous British people.

If, however, the BNP were to nail its colours to the White Nationalist mast and become a fully fledged white party then the liberals would be able to claim it was a racist party, a party based on race rather than ethnicity or national origin - and they would have it banned. (The fact that they've long since shot their bolt on that front having screamed Nazi ad infinitum is of course quite irrelevant).

Thing is, it shows that the liberal paradigm is still in the one in the driving seat. The BNP have to conform to a modified form of civic nationalism rather than being a white party proper - a set-up which would far more accomodating to Poles and other people of European origin.

I dont think the BNP has any real intention of deporting 3rd generation Poles or whatever but its actually our liberal hypocrite pals who are making all the running in that department.

So, when one looks more closely it can be seen that the liberals are the true hypocrites in this debate.

Rob said...

The sight of socialists (mis)appropriating symbols like the Spitfire is revolting. They have spent the last thirty years blackening the name of the military and Britain's history.

Absolutely, revoltingly cynical.

Dan said...

Ask yourself why it is that Labour (and their fellow travellers, and others including, bizarrely, the Tories) constantly refer to the BNP as a 'far right' party.
They're actually to the left of Labour on most issues (another reason why I won't vote for them) and while they do have distaseful and odd views about race it's hard to see why this should re regarded as a 'right wing' trait; after all, in the last 200 years or so many times more people have died because of their race or nationality in Communist countries than have in the USA or the UK.

Mr Grumpy said...

Don't know whether the BNP Spitfire is Polish, but I reckon the cannon on the wing makes it post-Battle of Britain.

As to which Spitfire is more cynical, I'd say there's not much in it. Both parties are crawling with people who'd have been against standing up to Hitler - only the reasons are different.

Anonymous said...

Mr Grumpy re: to reiterate my earlier comment; the BNP Spitfire was from 1941 so yes post Battle of Britain.

Laban said...

yes, they only had .303s during the BoB, didn't they ? The BNP Spit looks like it has 20mm cannon.

TomTom said...

Poor Poles lost their country first to the SS and then to the NKVD and had to fight as Polish units within the RAF and British Army funded by loans from Britain....which of course they could not repay as Roosevelt had already given their country to Stalin

Maybe Polish markings on Spitfires are a distraction from the fact that Poles lost their country and then endured 45 years under Marxism-Leninism....Britain is simply at the beginning