Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Brilliant ...

Shuggy :

I'll leave the final word to Jim Knight, Minister for Schools. He ministers to schools - hence the title:
"There are thousands of highly talented individuals in this country who are considering their next move, who want to do something challenging, rewarding, that is highly respected and where good people have great prospects," Knight said.
Mr Knight, sadly, will never know how much comedy he's managed to pack into one sentence there.


Anonymous said...

Support academic freedom, support Andew Grover

Word of advice for anyone contemplating jumping into one of Zanu's third world cesspit "schools".


Anonymous said...

Actually Shuggy is right

The Banksters deserve all they get

Anonymous said...

Won't becoming a successful drug dealer be a way of fullfilliong all those characteristics.
And it is a reliable growth industry.

Anonymous said...

Stand Tall!

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Yes, the whole idea is bollocks from start to finish.

Do people have any idea what it is like to become a teacher?

It's total shit unless you are extraordinarily gifted with a vocation for it.

Losers need not apply.