Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Race Card - Increasingly Creased and Dog-Eared

When I heard Mandelson accusing John Humphrys (audio, BBC player) - of all people - of stoking 'xenophobia', my first thought was 'he's running out of debating options - he's desperate'. You expect an accusation of racism to be the first response of, say, a Liberal blogger who's losing an argument - but an old pro like that - you expect something more ... er ... nuanced ?

Martin Kelly's
thinking something similar :

You know the end of the game is in sight when one of the major players feels they have to play what they believe to be their trump.
Peter Mandelson is a past master of the politics of xenophilia; his warning against 'the politics of xenophobia' taking hold in the spontaneous direct action now being taken by British workers is his bunker moment. He has nothing left to fall back on, no more aces to play, other than to repeat his government's casual slanders of his fellow British citizens.


Anonymous said...
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Fidothedog said...

Well the nazi card has to come out of the deck next.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately thanks to New Labour's policies on immigration, multiculturalism and a whole host of issues, racism is rapidly becoming a natural response to the changes in the country around us.

Twenty years ago when Britain was run by the British and for the British, and when ethnic minorities were just that - 1% of the population, the obligation was clearly on us to accept and embrace people of a different colour and origin.

But now that, with every passing year, the indigenous people, their language, culture and values have become increasingly pressurised, people are getting tired of suppressing racist sentiments. Suddenly they ask themselves if they are not being complicit in their own demise.

Anonymous said...

What IS it about Mandelson? How come this sinister creature keeps being given power over us?
Perhaps it's because he knows where the bodies are buried.
Not that long ago there was a brief mention in some paper of how proud Mandelson was of ancestor Herbert Morrison, for his connivance at a gun-running operation to supply Irgun or some similar bunch of Zionist terrorists - pehaps the ones who'd attempted to collaborate with Hitler (Fact: look up Israeli historian Leni Brenner) or actually murdered british soldiers. - Can anyone find that story?

Anonymous said...

My god I am sick to death of racial politics. I cannot fucking breathe!!!


Anonymous said...

"Racists," as we know, are second only to paedophiles.

Anonymous said...

To be patronised by Lord
Mortgagefraud must be pretty annoying.

Anonymous said...

Just imagine all the trouble we could have saved if we'd forcibly repatriated all Brazilians.

The Refuser said...

I expect the likes of Mandelsnake to get increasingly hysterical as the Labour project swirls the toilet bowl of history. I for one will be glad to see the back of this odious scumbag. The trouble is the damage they have done is in my view irreperable.

Anonymous said...

"The incoming workers often rose at 5am and worked until 8pm, for as little as £25 weekly take-home pay from gangmasters. Landlords packed 20 people into a room, charging up to £80 a week in rent." Torygraph

What Tories have in mind for our people - 1 bowl of gruel/per day, if there's still enough left after the rack rent extortion. Cameron, Clarke, Brown, Mandelson, Derek Simpson; they all the same. This is what freefom of capital and labour means. We can't resist though because that would be "ugly xenophobia"; the hell with them!

New World Gulag

Laban said...

Kindly do not compare Mr Mandelson to the female genitalia.

Anonymous said...

Kindly do not compare Mr Mandelson to the female genitalia.

Quite so, its far too complementary to him.

Speaking here as something of a fan of ladies bits + pieces.