Sunday, February 08, 2009

Have You Seen This Benefit Cheat ?

This woman, using the obvious alias 'J. Smith' is wanted for claiming over £116,000 of State benefits on false pretences while working as a Secretary in the Westminster area of London. If you see her, do not approach her - she never goes anywhere without her minders.

Instead, ring the number of the new Benefit Fraud Reporting Hotline - and do the taxpayer a good turn !


Anonymous said...

And look at those minders, a collection of dross rounded up to meet some sort of multicult/feminist checklist.

paul ilc said...

How can an Essex barmaid get away with masquerading as the Home Secretary?

Anonymous said...

"We're still deciding to arrest you for impersonating a police officer or impersonating a home secretary"

Anonymous said...

A Song of Labour

Snouts in the trough lads!! Shove, shove.
Guzzle guzzle grunt slurp oink

The working class can kiss my a--e,
I've got the Home Sec.'s job at last!

Grunt guzzle slobber munch chew rumble burp, ah lovely!

Ooops! REALLY, Piggy!
Never mind, someone else will clear it up - oh, you'd rather wallow...

Anonymous said...

The Tuesday Evening Standard reports that there's been an increase of crime in Jacqui's street, despite her squad of police minders. It doesn't specify what's been happening - have the cops been shooting the odd protester, or has Jacqui herself been so fired up by greed as to snatch a few handbags?

Anonymous said...

@ Paul ilc

That's an insult to all the lovely barmaids across Essex.