Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lloyds Another 20% Down

At 34p the price is lower than HBOS ever went (yes, market capitalisation and all that, but all the same).

HSBC and Standard Chartered holding up.

Barclays are currently valued at about 1.2 times their annual profits. Down nearly 20% in 15 minutes - does someone know something we don't ? Got to be worth a dabble, surely ?

RBS hanging on at 10.5.

Gosh, this is exciting. Or it would be if I didn't bank with Lloyds. Doubtless Gordon will ensure that I don't lose out.


Fidothedog said...

Weimar Republic here we come. We will using banknotes as wallpaper.

Nick Drew said...

The RBS Prefs are quite interesting, (for masochists) - now trading at 36% yield, the merest junk.

So much for the UK govt owning the thing