Thursday, October 23, 2008

Antique Reggae

Many moons ago I mentioned a musical favourite, the 60s ska track "Congo War" by Lord Brynner and the Sheiks.

It's now on Youtube.

And while we're at it ... memories of the Silver Star club in Bradford ... 1976 ? ... the seats were bus seats bolted to the floor (same at Birmingham Trades Club) and the music ... Matumbi's Dylan cover "The Man In Me" - still sounds pretty good today - and Big Youth's "Natty Dread She A Want" were favourites.

One of the first reggae records I liked - they used to play it at the Albion along with "the Liquidator" - was Boris Gardner's Elizabethan Reggae. I just loved the tune, and always assumed it was by someone like Purcell. In fact twas written by the same guy who did "Sailing By", the Radio Four "go to bed it's late" theme - Ronald Binge. There are some pretty strange versions about - 'twas a smash in the land of madchens and lederhosen, for some reason - but this Ron Goodwin version is pretty straight.

Four tracks, one great rhythm.

The original - "Train to Skaville" by the Ethiopians

"54-46 was my number" and the intrumental "version"- Toots and the Maytals

"Street Tuff" - the Rebel MC and Double Trouble. Got no soul, alas.

Thank you for your patience.


Anonymous said...

Rebel MC was in a group with Michael Menson (you probably knew that though)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Laban but IMHO that Congo War is just noise.

I don't think Phoenix City by Roland Alphonso can be beat for early ska:

You mentioned liquidator (good one)but Double Barrel should get a mention. Makes me think of Dodgems at Fun Fairs in about 1972/3

As for Big Youth, I pick Hit The Road Jack and Ten against One.

Anonymous said...

What, no Dr Alimantado 'Best Dressed Chicken in Town'?

One of the best 1970s reggae albums.

Anonymous said...

When that Rebel MC track came out I remember thinking, "I've heard that riff somewhere before."

Now you'e solved the mystery for me.

Great tracks as usual.