Sunday, August 17, 2008

Georgia - the Blogroll of Shame

When the trouble in South Ossetia broke out, a title for a blog post floated into my mind - for about a femtosecond, before I dismissed it as hopelessly unoriginal, cliched, and above all irrelevant.

Other bloggers weren't so fussy.

There are literally thousands of bloggers who decided that "Georgia On My Mind" was a really cool post title (for those who wonder why, it's an old Ray Charles song in which he sees "in peaceful dreams" the road back to the Land of Peaches. Not terribly apposite for the Caucasian unpleasantness).

So I'll just give a dishonourable shout to those you can find on UK Poliblogs.

Shuffle forward, with eyes on the floor :


Paul Anderson

The Englishman ! I am truly shocked ...


There is another famous - and much more relevant - song about Georgia - a song of war between two states which had been one, of avenging columns leaving smoke and flames to mark their track, the deliberate destruction of infrastructure as they went - but no UK blogger used "Marching Through Georgia".

At least anti-American Brit lefty blogger Devizes Melting Pot (sic) linked to this post by anti-American American lefty Chris Floyd. And a fair few US bloggers used it.

Stop ! I found one Brit blog using it - the hitherto unknown to me - or to anyone else - New Worker Features - which may or may not be the official blog of the New Communist Party of Britain. Kudos to said blogger, who'e'er s/he be. The NCP is an organisation of which I know nothing, apart from their terrifyingly efficient, Stalinist car-parking franchise. The full story is here. To an old lefty like myself it soundeth highly familiar.

Like the rest of the British communist movement the NCP from the beginning had to deal with what they saw as ultra-leftism and right-wing deviation. All were defeated at Congresses over the years and many were expelled for factionalism.

New Worker Features is currently getting 12 hits a day. Spread the rightish love and drop by.

UPDATE - what's so appealing about NWF ? The classic blogger template !