Friday, July 04, 2008

Professor David Canter

He's the media head from Liverpool Uni who recommends leaving presents out for burglars and hiding your school uniform while walking home in London.

Here he takes a page to say about the dreadful torture/murder of two French students what John le Carre could say in two short sentences.

Professor Canter's personal anti-crime initiative doesn't consist of not crossing estates or leaving out presents for burglars. Like Sir Ian "people in Haringey leave their doors unlocked" Blair, who commutes to his Met job from a large house in an Oxfordshire village, he finds a small village in the monocultural sticks is a pretty good solution.

"I've always loved the Welsh countryside and when I started working in Liverpool I felt it would be much more pleasant to live in Clawddnewydd," he said.

Prof Canter now spends most of his time working from home ...