Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Just Not Academy"

"Language is really important and we have to make sure pupils realise that," said Kathy August, the head teacher. "You can get five A* to Cs in your exams but if you go to an interview and you can't shake hands, look someone in the eye and speak in the appropriate register, you are not going to get the job or place at university. It is hugely important. We have high expectations. It makes me angry when I see… pamphlets on drug education or anti-gang material. They are appalling. The way they are written suggests that if you are black and from a particular postcode you will only understand the message if it is presented in a certain informal way, in a "street" form. It enforces the stereotype and ends up glamorising what it is supposed to be preventing."

She said that the message had been drummed into pupils that street slang was "just not academy".

"You have to be consistent. We make it clear in our tone of voice and with short imperatives that we are not happy. So it's not 'excuse me, do you mind not doing that, it's not very nice'. We say 'Stop. We don't do that. Thank you.'"
Safe, blud. After thirty or forty disastrous years, a few people start to realise just how idiotic liberal educational idiocy is, and return to 'the old ways'. They'll be lining up the desks in rows next. Trouble is, before they turn to the despised educational culture of the past for a solution, the damage has to be at such catastrophic levels that even a liberal can't ignore it. 10% getting 5 A-C grades ! And raising that to 30% is a triumph !

But it'll never catch on. Too many people are convinced that being down with the kids is more important than actually teaching them anything. One comment I noted :

3. Posted by Jonathan on July 20, 2008 09:17 AM
I used to work for the Probation Service in London, an organisation that would be appalled at this measure being adopted by the headteacher of Manchester Academy. The PS believe that the use of 'street slang' is empowering to black people and helps provide a sense of identity.
Of curse it does provide a sense of identity - an exclusive, race-based one in opposition to what's left of the host culture. The Probation 'Service' are ensuring that there'll be plenty of future demand for probation officers.