Monday, March 03, 2008


Those mysterious French youths are at it again.

As this french lefty site reports :

"... youths vandalised a bakery in a northerly Île de la France region centred on Paris and subsequently attacked the police who responded with lead bullets and molatov cocktails ..."

Tragically it wasn't the police responding with lead bullets, it was the "youth" attacking the police with "lead bullets" - shotguns to be exact.

I must remember this useful line - it's better then the traditional "it's awful, but ..."

The violence should indeed be denounced, but the sentiment... not at all.

Is it possible that this site is a comedy site ? Probably just bad English, but what can you make of :

"Both Successive Socialist and right wing governments have neglected this problem of social deprivation and should be lauded for their behaviour."