Friday, February 08, 2008

She's At It Again

Yazza in the Evening Standard on Dewsbury MP Sadiq Khan's visit to "his childhood mate and constituent Babar Ahmad" - a visit which turned out to be recorded by the authorities, breaking a convention which has applied since Harold Wilson's time that MPs are non-buggable.

Considering that, I find it hard to believe that the murderous duo of Adams and McGuinness weren't bugged. I certainly hope they were.

Yazza does have an unfortunate way of expressing her conviction that her co-religionists are peaceful, just-like-us-but-without-the-binge-drinking types. It always seems to end with the threat of what will happen if we don't believe her.

"People comfortable in their bicultural skin, like Khan, hold the key to a peaceful future. To his credit Brown has brought in young blood and ministers such as Hazel Blears and David Miliband, who, thankfully, have no problem with assertive Muslims. They actively seek creative, intelligent ideas to break the hold of the fundamentalists.

But after this scandal, they had better do right by Sadiq Khan, otherwise trust will be shaken, suspicion stirred once again that in this land the most upstanding Muslim is still only ever a potential terrorist. And imagine what that could mean for the security of our nation."

(see also the remarkable statement from the secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain).

UPDATE - Brian mails to point out that the Sinn Fein Two failed to take the Oath of Allegiance and so never actually became Members of Parliament.