Friday, January 04, 2008

It Fell Over ...

(Photo - Roger Savage)

Investigations are under way to determine what caused the 100-ft steel structure near Hesket Newmarket to crash to the ground. The British Wind Energy Association, which represents 98 per cent of UK wind energy firms, will be directly involved and has pledged to act on any potential issues arising. The turbine, thought to weigh around 11 tonnes, has been helping to produce energy to power J Stobart & Sons animal feed mill at Newlands for the last 19 years. When it was installed it was only the second privately-owned wind turbine in the country. But it collapsed, narrowly missing a country road, at around 11.30am last Friday while the plant was operating. No-one was hurt.

Two things. The Cumberland News story contains the folllowing :

The British Wind Energy Association says last Friday’s collapse appears to be the first in its 29-year history where foul play is not involved.

How many turbines have been brought down by foul play then ?

And the BBC story contained the following :

The Health and Safety Executive said it would not investigate the incident as no-one was hurt.

Is that correct ? No one hurt = no problem ? Though it appears to have fallen through a factory roof and inches from a road ?

UPDATE - the Danes do this so much better. Take a look at THIS.


Anonymous said...

As the turbine was apparently maintained by a seperate firm to the one that owned it, I'd imagine that the HSE won't know who to pester until the cause is known - metal fatigue I guess.

Anonymous said...

You steaming French wreck! With these hopelessly inefficient wind-driven turbines that we've sold to the British we'll be rich, rich I tell you!

Sings - "April in Paree...."

Anonymous said...

1) Nice to see comments back.
2) "The Health and Safety Executive said it would not investigate the incident as no-one was hurt." Jesu!

Anonymous said...

Let's see, it's been in use for 19 years... probably just about at the break-even point on costs. Now it collapses. I wonder if it's insured?