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Undercover Black Man ...

Interesting, eclectic blog, a bit reminiscent of a transatlantic Clive Davis. Alas I can't remember which blogger led me to it. When the blogroll gets fixed it'll be by Booker Rising and Co.

Two posts here - debating rap music with posters from white nationalist site American Renaissance, and on the right to bear arms.

While we're on "black culture" and "white culture", the evidence presented to the Home Affairs Select Committee is a right riveting read, if somewhat depressing at times. It certainly isn't going to reverse the flight from London of every English family with kids who can afford it.

"This is a mental health issue. I think our community is going stark raving bonkers and I think the children are expressing it."

"The price of firearms at street level has gone down. You can actually now put your hands on one for £30–£50. There is also a mechanism of lending firearms. I think that is really a big issue."

"The growing levels of unemployment and educational failure amongst Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims in this country indicates that they have an Afro-Caribbean type future ahead of them if government does not intercede to prevent the growing levels of alienation and descent into criminality that we are now witnessing in the Muslim

"The Caribbean children commit a lot of street robberies and they will hang more with more of the other communities. The African communities have recently come in ...the Africans — I find in Peckham we have the largest number — they are fairly new and they have come in with different issues. Some of them have been boy soldiers, some have been in war torn countries, so they have a completely different attitude to socialising. They are brought over and they are put into a school... the Africans have a different mindset. They also are thinking about what is happening in their own country. For example if they are from Sudan, they are dealing with issues of war, or their families at home, if they have families at home—those are the two differences — but you will see a much larger increase of crime within the African community, we are starting to have to deal with it right now, as they settle into the country much more."

So the Afro-Caribbean community are mentally ill, guns are cheap, and just you wait till the Muslims and Africans get going. Hmmm.

Potted guide to the issues as seen by the witnesses :

Family disaster zones/ absent fathers - everyone except Lee Jasper
Rap music/street culture - everyone except Lee Jasper and the various DJs
White racism, lack of black history lessons - Lee Jasper, both the Reverends, Ken Barnes, Gus John.
Sixties liberals and benefit culture - Shaun Bailey
Asians are affected too - Sukhvinder Stubbs

There was a tension between "we're just like you - please treat us as you'd wish to be treated" and "we're not at all like you".

Decima Francis : "We have to parent our children because we are black and we know how to, and that power has been taken away from us. We have to get it back. Our children are large, boisterous and very, very different from yours and we need to now bring
them back. We think differently, we behave differently, we are from different cultures and different history and we have to have the responsibility of looking after our children and we must have it back, but first the men have to work."

A couple of witnesses (Decima Francis, Neil Solo) seemed to be under the illusion that smacking your kids for misbehaviour (something with which they were, if not supportive, certainly sympathetic) was something totally alien to Native Brits. I suppose they only come into contact with white Guardianistas.


Anonymous said...


A question I've wanted to ask you and your readers for sometime.

The UK is currently a fairly prosperous country, with a healthy economy, and relatively low employment.

All the same there are high levels of violent crime involving guns, knives, and attacks on Brit natives by the more 'vibrant' new arrivals that are under-reported by the media.

I'm old enough to remember the recessions of the late 70's and early 80's along with the country wide riots that took place in areas with notable immigrant populations such Liverpool, Bristol, Manchester, Tottenham, and Brixton.

My question is how much more worse, and more violent do you think our society would become if another such recession were to come along as compared to twenty years ago?

ba ba said...

The only party that will repair our country is my party, the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Laban Tall wrote “Decima Francis ...We think differently, we behave differently, we are from different cultures and different history...” – Is Decima Francis non-European? How is this statement acceptable whereas the Bernard manning joke "these people think that they're English because they were born here. If a dog is born in a stable does that make it a horse" is not? Is it because Bernard manning is European? Would Chris Rock be able to tell such a joke without the MultiCult disciples attacking him?

Are some Drive-By Media participants beginning to give voice to popular opinion?

In the Washington Post Diana West comments on Cultural Takeover in the UK and the USA:

"... this whole issue is depressing and distressing — although I know I'm not supposed to say so. Whenever anyone has the bad taste to point out markers of cultural transformation, the rest of us are supposed to play it very cool, expressing only the most noncommittal reaction, if any at all. We're not supposed to flinch, and we're certainly not supposed to lament such changes, or mourn what is being lost, or, heaven help us, do anything to stop or reverse them, such as demanding the enforcement of existing immigration laws that would both encourage the repatriation of illegal aliens and discourage more from coming.
The socially acceptable position, the one that qualifies as politically correct wisdom suitable to be shouted from rooftops (or written in the Wall Street Journal editorial page), is to accept phenomena such as the Islamization of Britain and the Hispanization of the United States as givens, as progress, as proof of one's own moral goodness. Anything less than regarding these wholly optional changes, ours to make or not, as national destiny — international destiny? — is denounced as malicious bigotry.
In this way our conception of ourselves as an existing culture — open to modification and growth, yes, but not irreversible transformation — has been grossly undermined. Not only are the traditions and characteristics (English-speaking? non-Muslim?) of our societies now regarded as being retrograde embarrassments, we are also supposed to cheerfully maintain our societies in a perpetual state of ethnic and/or religious flux. The irony that goes unremarked is that the homogenous — dare I say, non-diverse? — nature of Islamic and Hispanic countries sending forth immigrants remains immutable. Which is why it won't matter much to the world if the United States ever becomes the 18th Spanish-speaking country in the Western Hemisphere, and if Britain ever becomes the 57th nation in the Organization of the Islamic Conference.
Except, that is, to those who would lament the passing of the English-speaking peoples. Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair obviously don't belong to such a group, but who does? The group exists in shamed silence, having bought the PC line that cultural self-preservation — Western self-preservation, that is — is nothing but an exercise in crude racism. But is it really? If we never hear any answer but "yes," it's time to get out the handkerchiefs and weep, silently."

View full article

Anonymous said...

"We have to parent our children because we are black and we know how to, and that power has been taken away from us. We have to get it back. Our children are large, boisterous and very, very different from yours and we need to now bring
them back. We think differently, we behave differently, we are from different cultures and different history and we have to have the responsibility of looking after our children and we must have it back, but first the men have to work."

I can only heartily agree, with just one minor exception. He demands that the men have to work, implying that it is whitie's responsibility to make sure that this happens. Well, sorry, but we think differently (that all healthy adults should be responsible for themselves), we behave differently (planning for our future, and not at all appreciating it when our plans are scuppered by some deadbeat's needs), and this is our land and our country.

Just in case you've googled your name in a feat of vanity and found this, Decima Francis, we have no objection to you doing things differently just so long as you do it in your own homeland instead of expecting us to subsidise your different methods.

Anonymous said...

Decima is wrong about white people interfering in black communities being the cause of the problem. Even in wholly black countries the same problems appear. In Africa AIDs is rife because black men can't keep their sexual urges under any kind of control even when death may be the outcome. In the Carribean the crime rates are sky high. We have simply imported these problems.

The solution to these problems are with us already. It is the hair-straightener. May seem ludicrous but the hair-straightener has given black women access to white men. Suddenly they have worked out how to pull white guys. No big surprise that ever more young black women are adopting middle-class accents, getting themselves a decent education at school and hitching up to a white boyfriend. They are desparately trying to get away from the black boys that are so often on the fast track to loser city.

Give it a couple of generations and there won't be any black kids. The black women will have brown kids by white guys. The black men will have no choice but to have sex with white trailer trash blondes. Eventually they will all just melt away.

Anonymous said...

Gus John originally came to this country to train to be a Dominican priest. I know, because my uncle - a Dominican - was his tutor. He stayed in our house a few times and was charming and open. Unfortunately he lost his vocation; then his faith until he reached the stage where, to fill the gaping hole where it used to be, he has had to believe in the synthetic construct: Black Consciousness. It's tosh and he knows it is, which is why he is so loud in proclaiming it. It's sad. As his his statement that he declined a CBE: hey, that's what I call telling it to the man. Fool.

Anonymous said...

Don't get sucked in by 'Undercover Black Man', an utterly unscrupulous liberal provocateur eg:
PS from the same site a discussion as if designed for our host:

Anonymous said...

Bert Rustle,

Decima Francis seems to be expressing sentiments not disimilar to the tenets of 20th century national socialism.

Anon. at 9.26,

I'm black female who would never date a black male for all the reasons you've outlined.

Interesting fact:

Lee Jasper apparently has nine children. Now I suppose it's conceivable (no pun intended) that his offspring all have the same babymother.

Anonymous said...

Foxy Brown wrote " Decima Francis seems to be expressing sentiments not disimilar to the tenets of 20th century national socialism." - Please elaborate.

Foxy Brown wrote "I'm black female who would never date a black male for all the reasons you've outlined." - Amongst your dating peers, who do they date? I lived in a white minority area and never once saw an Asian male with a black female and only very occasionally a white male with a black female, so who are black females to date?

Anonymous said...

To be fair to Foxy Brown I think this is a relatively recent thing. When I was a lad back in the 70s/80s the idea of dating a black girl would never have entered my head. They couldn't really compete with white girls being as make-up and hair-styles available to black girls were somewhat limiting. Now this has all changed. Plenty of excellent examples of beautiful black women around that I certainly wouldn't kick out of bed! (My wife might not be so keen of course!). You only need to check out Eastenders to see some fine black ladies.

The MSM go on about black rap culture and gang culture, but this doesn't seem to be something black girls are much interested in. Maybe the MSM needs to emphasise this form of street culture is all about black MEN and nothing to do with black women.

It is very interesting how black girls and black boys seem to be developing along different cultural lines. It will be fascinating to see how this will pan out.

It isn't just black culture where the women have all the get up and go. I can tell you there are mining villages in Wales that have shown the same symptoms. White girls getting out and getting jobs leaving all the boys behind on the social.

Anonymous said...

Sadly young black women are being pulled down by the ghetto worship culture.

See last nights murder in Croydon

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment from Foxy

As a young trendy socialist I used to attend the Phoenix reggae club in Chapeltown, Leeds. I remember that we were tolerated rather than welcomed.

The women in our group were chatted up by West Indians. However, it was painfully obvious that we men were not to approach any West Indian woman. If any man danced near a black woman, several men came near and looked intimidating.

I pick that as but one example of many. I can't imagine the situation has changed that much over the years which might go some way to explaining the observations Foxy makes.

Anonymous said...

Bert Rustle,

Nazi propaganda portrayed blacks as intellectual inferior. Decima Francis seems to be suggesting that the 'black community' are mentally deficient. They, in short, need extra assistance at school, help to bring up their children and a leg up at work courtesy of positive discrimination. She speaks as though certain characteristics are tattooed into the DNA.

As to your question on who black women date. I live and work in the People's Republic of Islington, where white male/black female couples are not an unusual sight. I've never, ever dated a black man, they're all wasters. White male/British Chinese female couples are also common. I do get some stick from other black people in the form of filthy looks and rude comments, but don't really give a toss. One disadvantage to living in Islington is that the men are all preening metrosexuals which is distinctly unattractive, real men are thin on the ground. (I am for the record currently single. I do look like a cross between Beyonce and Pam 'Foxy Brown' Grier, if anyone is interested).

Anon at 3.52,

My mother before marrying my dad was invited out on dates by white men in the late fifties/early sixities. She says that the social climate would have made it difficult to accept any offers, and interestingly that the most virulent objections came from black men. She was also asked to act as a go-between to set up dates. White male acquaintances would tentatively enquire as to whether, "Cynthia/Blossom/Rose was going steady or had a feller."

Anon at 8.48,

I am staggered at the number of late thirtysomething/fortysomething white men that have told me similar tales of being intimidated by black men when interacting with
black women in pubs/clubs. My sister's current beau ended a previous relationship with a black woman for those very reasons. She couldn't cope with the pressure that she received at the hands of family and friends.