Sunday, February 18, 2007

Brave New World ...

According to a Scottish wide survey, one fifth of LGBT people have children. Some children will have been born or adopted into heterosexual relationships before a parent had ‘come out’ and some are born into samesex relationships or adopted by an LGB individual. Individual circumstances lead to varied family structures and parenting arrangements. It is important to be aware of this. When talking to children, consider using "parents", "carers" or "guardians" rather than "mother" or "father".

Gusidance for NHS staff issued by the "NHS Inclusion Project - Working for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health - And Sod the Rest Of You !"

There was a silence; then, clearing his throat, "Once upon a time," the Director began, "while our Ford was still on earth, there was a little boy called Reuben Rabinovitch. Reuben was the child of Polish-speaking parents."

The Director interrupted himself. "You know what Polish is, I suppose?"

"A dead language."

"Like French and German," added another student, officiously showing off his learning.

"And 'parent'?" questioned the D.H.C.

There was an uneasy silence. Several of the boys blushed. They had not yet learned to draw the significant but often very fine distinction between smut and pure science. One, at last, had the courage to raise a hand.

"Human beings used to be …" he hesitated; the blood rushed to his cheeks. "Well, they used to be viviparous."

"Quite right." The Director nodded approvingly.

"And when the babies were decanted …"

"'Born,'" came the correction.

"Well, then they were the parents–I mean, not the babies, of course; the other ones." The poor boy was overwhelmed with confusion.

"In brief," the Director summed up, "the parents were the father and the mother." The smut that was really science fell with a crash into the boys' eye-avoiding silence. "Mother," he repeated loudly rubbing in the science; and, leaning back in his chair, "These," he said gravely, "are unpleasant facts; I know it. But then most historical facts are unpleasant."

Hat-tip - Ian Dale.


Anonymous said...

It's quite scary how similar our present is becoming to the worlds created by Huxley and Orwell. Even Cameron made the comparison on the Politics Show today.

Funnily enough, I was working on the play that line was originally from (The Tempest) just over a week ago. That is, until the performance was cancelled by the snow.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know that the NHS has its priorities right.

Anonymous said...

Sam Tarrant - a bright young thing and future hero ... but we have been discussing Huxley and Orwell for several years now.

Human babies being nourished in test tubes and given over to the state ... children and adults the victims of Newspeak, which Blair has introduced unknowingly because he has never read a book in his life, but this is how he "thinks' and thus didn't understand that Orwell got there first.

A charismatic (soi-disant), moron prime minister who is driven by ego,not any ideals that he has ever read of because ... he doesn't actually read.

It's up to you, Sam Tarrant. Save this thought for the future.

Martin said...

Totaligayrianism lives.

Anonymous said...

I reckon that is the best blog post I have ever read.

Anonymous said...

I thought these were the people that Mr Cameron, Mr Dale and their fellow A-listers were trying to woo.