Friday, January 12, 2007

Compare and Contrast

The BBC version :

Schoolboy 'attacked with hammer'

Eight men have been arrested following a violent attack on a schoolboy in Wroughton in Wiltshire.

The 15-year old pupil at the Ridgeway school was allegedly hit with a hammer as he left after classes just before 1600 GMT on Thursday.

The teenager, who has not been named, was taken to the Great Western Hospital where he is been treated for head injuries. His parents are at his side.

The incident happened as scores of children were leaving to go home.

A source said the boy had been held down and hit with a hammer by the family of another pupil at the school.

The eight men are being held at Gable Cross Police Station in Swindon.

The Metro version :

The boy was set upon at the end of the school day by a gang of Asian men who local sources said were the family of another pupil at the comprehensive school.

He was said to have been held down and hit with a hammer.

Mr Colledge said he was on patrol in the school grounds when the victim, who is white and in year 11, was attacked.

"After school had ended for the day and pupils were exiting the premises at least four young adults unknown to the school came into the tennis courts and attacked the pupil, we believe with something similar to a hammer," he said.

He said he understood that the boy had been hit more than once and was "bleeding profusely but conscious at all times and able to help get himself on to the paramedic's stretcher".

"Clearly it's such a shocking incident and everybody has been very helpful in identifying the perpetrators of the incident to police," he added.

"The car was quickly identified and given to the police who I believe have now detained eight men.

"When he was at the school he was speaking and able to tell us what had happened and we were able to talk to him. His mum and dad arrived before he went off in the ambulance, I imagine they are very upset."

Counselling for pupils who witnessed the incident would be offered if needed.

He said although he was aware there had been a similar type of incident at the school before he took up his role as headmaster in September, generally race relations between pupils at the school were good.

"Relations seem to be very good and pupils mix, play football and chat together."

But Mr Colledge had heard the attackers were relatives of a pupil at the school.

He said: "If that's the case I think it's even more sad.

"It's not the sort of incident you would expect to happen anywhere really and it's very hard to understand why such extreme violence would be used."

He also appealed for pupils not to take matters into their own hands.

"We will talk to pupils about responding responsibly and sensibly to what has happened," he said.

The teenager was tonight being treated at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon. A spokesman said: "He has been treated and is comfortable."

Ridgeway School has about 1,450 pupils aged 11 to 18.

Hmmm. Wroughton isn't some 'inna-city' hell-hole either. It's a pleasant enough commuter zone to the south of Swindon.


Anonymous said...

Lovely. I wonder how many of them are legally here and whether the victim's parents should file acivil action for injuries and get an ambulance-chaser involved to sue the School, LEA, and the Thugs so they can forfeit their assets.

Prior to the 19th Century most Court cases were civil - if the Criminal Law does not protect them do a Civil Action

Anonymous said...

Dang! Those Asians again - must be some aggressive waiters from the Ming Dynasty again.

Anonymous said...

Arrested hang 'em

Anonymous said...

And the police are denying that it was a racist attack, despite parents' claims.

Yet police guidelines state; "A racist incident is any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person".

Unless the victim is white?

Anonymous said...


Asian Invasion so now we know

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I don't care whether it's perceived as racist or not, but Britain belongs to the British. A small scattering throughout the country of people of other races is perfectly acceptable, but not when they gain such a critical mass they are emboldened to declare war on the indigenes.

It has got to come to reverse immigration or the alternative is emigration of native Brits abandoning their territory because their own government won't let them fight back.

Some of these aggressive individuals are third generation, so I think we can assume that assimilation isn't going to work with them. Therefore, for the wellbeing of everyone, including these unhappy, violent, aggressive people, they should be sent to countries where they can understand the rules and can fit in. Islamics do not recognise national boundaries, so any islamic country would do to be the first port of call, to receive them and disperse them however. Anywhere as long as it is dar-es-salaam and not in our back yard.

Anonymous said...

These people have proved again and again and again that they cannot fit into our advanced society. How do they convince us? What do they have to do? Bomb us?

Oh! Wait a minute ...

Anonymous said...

This story has already disappeared from the frontpage of the Mail. It's hardly being touched anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I saw cC4 film of head teacher talking to crowd of concerned parents who wanted to have a meeting with him now and him saying tommorow or Monday or whatever. How unhelpful and indicative of who he serves is that? I suspect he can't deal with ordinary peoples' perceptions of the problem in case he is seen as sympathising with a comonsense and understandable, though non-PC view, it's got to be burocratised. I suspect he would clear his desk if the boot was on the other foot and the cameras were filming him ignoring a crowd of non-indigenes complaining victimisation. We're are a society keeping our mouths shut and covering ourselves. We're not at home. I would think to become a head the main test is a political one. Come to think of it .... not seeing them and reassuring them immediately when one of their children has been viciously attacked, that's poor in any circumstances. If I had a child there I'd certainly withrdraw them. Get it in court.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Voyager and Anonymous: sue the school, the LEA and the thugs' families. Get their money. Bar lonely monks on mountain tops, everyone on planet Earth understands money. These people have to understand there are consequences to actions.

Put the boot in. And while you're controlling the action, you control what's realised to the media.

I would also say, start a campaign to bring back the death penalty. Attacking a schoolboy with a hammer is so repellent, these people contribute nothing to humanity by continuing to live.

Anonymous said...

Says The Daily Mail (the story's still up): "Last May, six teenagers from Ridgeway were taken to hospital - one with a broken jaw - after a group of men jumped out of two cars and attacked pupils.

"Police refused to comment on speculation that that incident was racially motivated."

Here, in a nutshell, is everything that is wrong with the "multicultural" garbage that has been imposed on the British citizenry without their consent.

"The police refused to comment ...". Hello? The master is the electorate. The police are not the chairman of the board of a listed company; they're not the agents of an unruly actor trying to avoid the press. They are PUBLIC SERVANTS. They are answerable to THE PUBLIC. They cannot "refuse to comment" as though they were Madonna's agent.

Why do you in Britain not hold the police to account? You let them get away with their own programme - which is political. This is nominally a democracy, although democracy has not been spotted in these islands for at least six years. The police must be held to account. Again, through the courts if they cannot behave themselves without the rod of the law.

Britain has become so degenerate and driven by the politics of the "prime minister" that a matter of urgency is elected police chiefs. You must find a way of forcing this through and getting rid of appointees beholden to politicians.

It works a treat in the US, where the police are responsive on a level British people would think they had died and gone to heaven to encounter.

Anonymous said...

A while back Laban posted a story about mistreatment of white patients in care homes by Asian and black nurses. One of the factors motivating that kind of behaviour is the perception, quite common among non-whites, that all white people are evil oppressors and racists, who deserve to be beaten up, etc. The BBC is simply encouraging this kind of attitude by heavily emphasising racial attacks by whites, and suppressing news of racial attacks on whites. I suppose it fits the self-loathing attitudes of the far-leftists who seem to predominate at the Beeb.

Given that non-whites are already overwhelmingly more likely to commit racist attacks than whites, one shudders to think what life will be like for the white population once we have become a minority in this country.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Voyager's idea of launching a civil action is that it will require an investment of hard cash by the victim's family. They'll get it back in costs if they win, but victory would not neccesarily be guaranteed against the LEA, while any victory against the thugs would be worthless unless they had sufficient assets with which to pay damages and costs.

This is of course why we have the police. We pay taxes so that we have an alternative to the risk inherent in a civil action, so that everyone can be held accountable for their crimes, and so that we can be protected, rather than simply having a remedy after we have suffered the harm. If they fail in these duties, what is the point of having them? I say we abolish the police and replace them with armed citizens' militias.

Anonymous said...

Fulham Reactionary -
1 - If the "Asians" of any particular religion or moon god cult and the black folks think they are living in a country dominated by evil indigenes, they are free to book a ticket out. No one will cling to their ankles crying, "Please don't go!" In fact, a charity appeal among the indigenes would probably generate large enough donations to pay all their one-way tickets out of our country.

2 - Fulham Reactionary adds: "I suppose it fits the self-loathing attitudes of the far-leftists who seem to predominate at the Beeb."

Let us get rid of this meme, shall we? The individuals employed at the Beeb, on public charity via the licence fee, are NOT "self-loathing". Au contraire, they are self-regarding and full of admiration for their own generous spirits and exceptional understanding of "other people". They feel like mahatamas - great souls, able to encompass a universe of understanding.

Let's get rid of this dangerous "self-loathing" nomenclature, because it is dangerously misleading.

They are bursting, overflowing with self-regard. They feel they have expansive souls and expansive understanding of other people. In other words, they're a wee bit insanely messianic. These bursting egos are a long way away from self-haters. We need to get that straight.

Anonymous said...

The British police are degenerate and have been bullied by politically motivated and utterly pointless chiefs, unlike the police in the United States, where mostly they have elected police chiefs, who are motivated to serve the law-abiding. Thus have the socialists accomplished one more corruption of normal human society.

Shutting down the police departments would be a good idea.

Realistically, they have no real connection to law and order. So we don't need them to fill in forms and bully the law-abiding citizenry. Radically speaking, close them down. It would make absolutely no difference to widespread lawlessness in Britain. So save the tax money.

Obviously blair won't abolish his tools of oppression.

What to do?


Personally, I would not be opposed to military law in Britain for a period of time. The military are loyal to our country.

I am also dismayed that the Queen has allowed all terrible degradation of the rights of British citizens to happen in her full sights. She could have dissolved Parliament at any time, and did not. In fact, she's never taken a stand about anything, although she is the head of state. She has allowed Blair to unknit the United Kingdom and unknit our constitution and bill of rights. She signed the Maastricht Treaty. She signed the human rights garbage invented by Europeans who had discovered human rights after we had had them for 1,000 years.

For the first time in my life, I am wondering, as she has not served as a brake on the insane, destructive ambition of a prime minister, what purpose does she serve. She has caused us to ask the question, what is our monarch actually for, given that she does not protect us. Given that she signs into law every mad, destructive bill passed by the socialists. Given the terrorist attacks have happened during her reign and she has never ordered out the military, who answer to the Crown and only the Crown.

She preferred to obey the word of a self-seeking, oily opportunist who tried to gate crash her own mother's funeral.

I despair.

Anonymous said...

Fulham Reactionary is of course corrct in his view.

The problem has become worse with Pakistanis and Bangladeshis because of Al-Qaeda.

Some of these, especially the dysfunctional and petty criminal types, see the terrorists as giving them an excuse (validated in the eyes of The Guardian, BBC, and Independent) to attack Whites.

It is the Enabling of Violence throuh a cause that liberates these people from any constraints - they always act as a mob - never as individuals.

It is typical of the low self-worth and group psychology of these thugs. This is the soft underbelly of hatred and loathing against Whites that only occasionally turns up on the Tube and London buses, but more often involves low-level intimidation and crime

Anonymous said...

"These bursting egos are a long way away from self-haters. We need to get that straight."

Indeed. Like the usual suspects to be found writing for the Guardian & Independant, and filling all kinds of high level public sector jobs, they don't hate themselves. They hate the public - the great unwashed who fail to value diversity, fail to appreciate unlimited immigration & EU meddling in our laws.

In short, they hate us. The people who pay their wages.

Never forget it...

Anonymous said...

Juliam puts its succinctly and correctly. It is "us" they hate. Not themselves. Do you really think that Polly Toynbee is self-hating? Is she hell! She is a great soul who "understands" all, and has all the answers. Take one look at the vicious, self-regarding face of Jon Snow and tell me he hates himself. These people are facilitators of the destruction of our society, not because they loathe themselves, but because they know best.

Anonymous said...

These Pakistani thugs thought they had found Trotsky

Anonymous said...

I think its worse than hating us. If they hated us there might be a chance they could mellow over time.. But these people really believe they are doing us a favour and are going to continue to 'help' come what may.
We are like pets, they want to feed us but our will must ultimately give way to theirs, or there'll be trouble.

Anonymous said...

May be a bit late getting back on this - I've been away for a few days.

I do think that there is a degree to which many white liberals feel a sense of self-loathing. Look at the way they feel the need to apologise for things like slavery, or the Iraq war. There was also the incident were one of the survivors of the 7/7 bombings said that he was not an innocent victim, because of Iraq. People who feel a need to go around apologising to all and sundry for everything that they can think of, and who regard themselves as legitimate targets for terrorism do not, I think, have a great sense of self-worth.

I agree with verity and Juliam that they also hate us, and, indeed, Western civilisation in general. But I think that this comes from their projection onto their culture and their neighbours of the hatred they feel for themselves.

I also sympathise with verity's ideas about using the army. I don't (yet) support martial law, but I would not be at all averse to sending armed troops into places like Brixton or Bethnal Green where the criminal gangs rule.