Monday, January 22, 2007

Black And White Unite And Fight

From the Romford Recorder of Jan 15 :

UPMINSTER'S streets erupted this week when feuding gangs of up to 150 youths clashed leaving several wounded and residents and shopkeepers terrified.

The scenes of bedlam outside Upminster Bridge Station, in Upminster Road, started when mobs of warring black, Asian and white youths, brandishing knives, wrenches and lumps of wood, clashed at 4pm on Tuesday.

The huge brawl, which left one 27-year-old man with a stab wound to the lower back, another with broken ribs and others with minor injuries, caused chaos for commuters as the Underground station was cordoned off by forensic teams until 10.30pm that evening.

Nearby roads were also closed as yobs spilled into residential streets to continue fighting.

John Read, who works at Wagstaff &Sons - next door to the station said: "They were all tooled up carrying knives, metal wrenches and lumps of two-by-four (wood) up their sleeves.

"We watched the first few fists fly but then they all crowded round and you couldn't see a thing.

"There must have been something big brewing because there's been a couple of bust-ups recently and to see this level of violence and weapons it must have been planned."

(Hat-tip - Julia M)


Anonymous said...

Ah, the delights of multiculturalism. Although this was only a dozen miles from White City, I guarantee this story will never appear on the BBC website.

I mean, race riot involving hundreds of youths? Where's the story? The entire news department is sleuthing on the trail of the Yorkshire cripple email.

Anonymous said...

how come i've heard nothing about this on the MSM - i've only come across this story via your blog.

150 "youths" isnt a brawl -thats a full scale riot.

Anonymous said...

" come i've heard nothing about this on the MSM.."

Just what I thought when I first heard about it. And are there any other 'incidents' like these that don't make the papers...?