Saturday, December 02, 2006

The People's Fag Is Deepest Red

For some reason I found myself in front of a television last night, and caught a politics interview (BBC2 ? Channel 4 ?) after it had begun.

Interviewee was a public-school type with slightly staring eyes and the manner, at once respectful and patronising, of an ambitious management consultant who's become the youngest partner at the firm. Very Accenture.

Surprise surprise - he was talking about the tribulations of running a Labour government.

Who could it be, I wondered, running through likely names. Lord Adonis ? Benjie Wegg-Prosser, a name that sounds like a Wodehouse villain ?

'Twas Matthew Taylor. I realised that the eyes come from papa Laurie, who I saw a few years back doing the company motivational chat circuit. We've all got a living to make.

Emmanuel School
, Clapham. Just the place for a socialist to send the horny-handed son.

"Thah'll't not work in't sociology department all tha life, lad. Ah want summat better for thee !"

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