Saturday, October 14, 2006

New Link

Ross at Unenlightened Commentary.

An eye for a good link, like Monbiot's Greenham Common tale.

Some interesting snippets on guns too.

In 1919, the year before (UK) gun control legislation was introduced, the US homicide rate was almost twelve times that of the UK. After close to 80 years of rigorous gun control the gap has now narrowed to a factor of four.

Also Prague Tory. He's a Tory. Who lives in Prague. Prolific posts. Educated chap.

And a sad farewell I've been meaning to mention - David Terron at Cabarfeidh is ceasing to blog. One of my favourite reads, a sort of quasi-milblog (teaches history, ex-army, runs the Queen's Own Highlanders site). Will ye no come back again ?


Praguetory said...

Listen to Laban. He knows what he's talking about. Cheers for the link.

Anonymous said...

Istanbul Tory is a new one

Ross said...

Thanks for the plug.

Alain said...

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