Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rats In Attempt To Take Over Sinking Ship

Huzzah ! Labour Party members have elected Walter Wolfgang to their National Executive Committee.

Mr Wolfgang, a far-left peacenik of the sort who wants Britain (but not her enemies) to disarm, is the chap who was slung out of conference last year for heckling Jack Straw. While his treatment was disgraceful, and typical of Labours authoritarian control-freakery, rewarding his conduct with an NEC seat is the sign of a party that's got fed up with winning elections.

They never did like Mr Blair. But he just kept on winning. Even as the Iraq war loomed, MPs looked into the abyss of life sans Blair and said 'no thanks'. It's an article of faith on the Left that Iraq has destroyed the government, yet Labour in the 60s or 70s would have bitten the hand off a leader who'd deliver 80-seat majorities as Blair did only last year.

Blair's reign has of course been domestically a disaster for the British, and particularly the English, since the moment he sacked Frank Field and gave up on welfare reform. He and Brown have been fortunate in their timing - the globalised world economy has kept afloat and survived the dot-com, 9/11 and high oil price crises remarkably well. We'll only see the real damage - to social cohesion in particular - when things get a little more pearshaped (are there any builders specialising in gated developments ? buy, if so). I see interest rates are now at 4.75%.

A few years back being cast out of Tony Blair's Cabinet was an "outer darkness" job.


"they flee from me that sometime did me seek"

Who will be left as the inevitable hour (which in fairness, I've been predicting since 2003) approaches and the Blairite ministers console themselves with the prospect of their fat pensions, something no working man or woman will have in future years ?

Perhaps at the very end, as Blair lies in the Forum, with twenty trench├Ęd gashes on his head, the least a death to nature, only one will remain. Polly Toynbee, arms wrapped round the bloodied corpse, will echo the words of Caligula's wife to her murdered husband in "I, Claudius".

"You should have listened to me, Tony - you should have listened to me"


Scipio said...

You know when Blair is lying-His lips move!

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece!

Charles Martel said...

The Jerusalem Post is backing Blair

the islamonutters & Marxists in his party wont like that one bit.

actually , i think he knows he's on the way out - thats why he was so fortright in that speech that Jpost mention above.

dearieme said...

Good Lord, I find myself in complete agreement. When the sacking of Frank Field followed the Eccleston business, it was clear that Blair was an utter menace.

Anonymous said...

Why did Thatcher like men like Cecil Parkinson, and Blair like women like Harriet Harman and Tessa Jowell ?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha one day the Tory's might wins something. THEN WE WILL ALL BE DOOMED!

Anonymous said...

"Blair's reign has of course been domestically a disaster for the British, and particularly the English"
Unfortunately, I cannot agree with large parts of your weblog, which contain some complete tosh.

Enjoy your break in Cumbria

Laban said...

talbotbruno - one of the pleasures of living in a society which still retains vestiges of a civilised past is that you and I can disgree without (I hope) either of us thinking that the other should be locked up or otherwise harassed by the State.

Long may such a state of affairs continue - though the outlook is not good.

(and it's Cumberland - 'Cumbria' was the invention of a diseased civil servant in the early 1970s, at the behest of a soi-disant Tory called Peter Walker.)