Saturday, August 12, 2006

First they came for the fox-hunters. Then they came for the homophobes ...

BBC news.

"A councillor who allegedly said that "all gays are paedophiles" has denied committing a public order offence.

Peter Willows, 75, a Tory councillor on Brighton and Hove City Council, was allegedly heard to make the remark at a mayoral reception on 18 May.

He was subsequently charged with using disorderly behaviour, or threatening, abusive or insulting words, likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress."

Mr Willows statement may be factually incorrect, as is its converse, although I believe about a third of those convicted in English courts of child sex offences are homosexual, a proportion far higher than the proportion of homosexuals in the general population.

But saying incorrect things shouldn't be a criminal offence.

On the Today programme yesterday morning I heard Mohammed Naseem, the chairman of the city’s central mosque (yes, that mosque), say that there was no proof that the July 7 bombers were British Muslims. (He also thinks that denial is a river in Egypt).

I'm alarmed and distressed by what Mohammed Naseem said. But I don't think he'll have his collar felt any time soon.


Anonymous said...

Muslim youth, interviewed on channel 4 "What Muslims want" says....."Diana was murdered because she was going out with a Muslim guy and if they had a kid then that kid might end up being King or summat"

That's why they choose to live here....freedom of verbal diarrhoea.

Anonymous said...

But that freedom only extends to them - Bliar and company's 'chosen people'

Anonymous said...

Diana was murdered because she was going out with a Muslim guy and if they had a kid then that kid might end up being King


Isn't kingleyness inherited from Charles? Nell Gwyn might have had any number of offspring by different suitors but only those fathered by Charles II had any claim to the throne.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! But hats off to channel 4 for showing us just what cr*p these morons spout!

Anonymous said...

That councillor is free to voice his opinion and he should sue the police for false arrest. The gays I know would not be insulted. They'd just give you an old-fashioned look meaning, "What a twerp." But they wouldn't be offended to the point where they would want someone arrested!

Slagella said...

I live in Brighton and there's a frightening level of gay-bashing. I think (prima facie) this person HAS overstepped the boudary between free speech and incitement to violence.

Anonymous said...

"A councillor who allegedly said that "all gays are paedophiles.."

And, if he'd followed that with "...and we should burn them out of their homes.." you'd be right to think that.

However, he didn't. He just expressed an opinion - one most will see as incorrect, even stupid, and certainly not supported by any evidence whatsoever.

And he should not be subject to arrest for it.

Anonymous said...

He was just a little upset due to his boyfreind leaving him.